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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (MAY)

    Yeah, but his per-36 numbers are incredible this season! 72 points, 18 rebounds, and 36 technical fouls, all while shooting 100% from the floor.
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    Fox update

    I'll take exception to a couple of your more important points. Your arguments continue to ignore the almost 600,000 people in the USA that have already died and the millions more requiring hospital care or suffering from Long COVID. The blood clot issue is linked to a vaccine that isn't as...
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    Fox update

    And the effects after a second shot typically disappear after 2 days. He's been out 2 weeks and it hit him hard. Long COVID could be disastrous to athlete careers.
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    Fox update

    I have no reason to doubt what you say, but other than your first example you basically just reinforced that yes, you can feel sick for a few days after your vaccination (a natural and expected side effect) and that you can still catch COVID after your first shot (as I said, my dad did as well)...
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    Fox update

    Thanks for adding all the details - I was obviously very much simplifying things. While the delivery method for such widespread use is somewhat new, and approach is different, it is still, essentially, just providing virus information to the body to generate antibodies for it to prevent future...
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    Fox update

    That's .... vague. Bad reaction? A very few people are allergic to one or more ingredients. That's why they want you to hang out for 15 minutes after the shot to see if you have any kind of reaction. It's like being allergic to peanut butter and then "having a bad reaction" when you eat it...
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    Fox update

    No, it doesn't provide immunity forever. Nobody said it did. But being the virus has been in the USA about a year and even those that got the first vaccination shots still seem to be generating sufficient antibodies (last I heard), the vaccinations appear to work at least as well as the flu...
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    All-Purpose MLB Thread!

    Agreed. I'm a Kings-49ers-Giants guy. While I actively root for the Raiders to lose, I like the A's. If the Giants aren't involved, I want the A's to do well. If the A's moved here and became the local team I'd have to seriously consider moving them to the #1 spot. I don't watch much...
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    Ticketmaster ripping people off.

    Whatever floats your boat. Going to a game is an "experience" for me as well, you know. You seem to act like this is an arbitrary decision made in a vacuum instead of as a public health measure in the middle of a pandemic where widespread vaccination still hasn't been achieved. I'll happily...
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    Ticketmaster ripping people off.

    I swear some of you complain about just about anything. My goodness. I just got two tickets to go to the last game of the season as a birthday gift and I'm happy for the opportunity. My son and I will be going. We've both had our second shots, so we won't have to take a COVID test and hope...
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    Fox update

    Kings' Fox: COVID-19 'hit me like a truck' |
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    Fire Walton

    Which still needs to be moved to the G1C somewhere.... It's a shame that a monument to the fans that rallied to keep the team here is still sitting out there in the weeds.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    Thanks! And I don't mind the double dip on this one with someone like that. ;)
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Figured I'd continue with Hitchcock for the moment and watched The Birds today. Good flick overall, but it is always interesting to me to see the culture changes from "then" to today. The role of women in films and society then vs. something like, say, Aliens, is quite a shift. :) The...
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Just started watching GoT - I've read all the books but finally have HBO access to watch the show, too. Seem to be pretty faithful to the books so far (partway though Season 1 right now).