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    Marvin Bagley will ball out next season!

    Obviously I'm going out on a limb but I think he has a chance to show out next year simply based on the fact that hes a hard worker. I'm not sure that happens in Sacramento or somewhere else but I'm not bailing out yet. I think it's time to play him at the 5 and let him sink or swim at this point.
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    Fire Walton

    Tetsujin my guy you've been a Kings fan long enough to know better than to ever challenge "worse".
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    There is no topic

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    The Sweet Science

    My guy Teo fighting his mandatory June 19th should be exciting.
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    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Finalist: Jrue Holiday

    So they are only supporting black organizations huh... That's clearly discriminating against all other ethnicities and blatant racism. I as a Mexican business owner dont qualify for any of these benefits based on the color of my skin got it.
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    Off season targets

    We shouldn't sign any middling vets instead we should look at youngsters who are looking to make a name for themselves in the league.
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    Kings approach at the draft...

    K.i.s.s Keep it simple stupid Go to the draft and hit.
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    Ideal prospects.

    Is there an "ideal" prospect in this years class? I haven't followed college hoop this season and was wondering who's the best fit.
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    Rick Adelman named to Naismith Hall of Fame

    According to bball reference Yolanda Griffith has a 3pt% of .000. Anyways congrats Coach.
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    Fire Walton

    This should cover pre season and summer league.
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    Fire Walton

    I wont cry myself to sleep if Walton is brought back. The Kings don't suck because of him.
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    Letting Holmes walk.

    I dont want to pay him 10M.
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    Letting Holmes walk.

    IMO it's the best thing to do. Yes he does a few things well but paying him just doesnt sit well with me. Look at how easy it was to acquire a player like him or a Center could be found in the 2nd round. Let's keep it moving.
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    Kings Convert Metu to a Full Contract

    Hell yeah.