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    Buddy Hield

    Buddy is my favorite King right now. He can shoot the lights out and gives effort on the defensive end. I don't mean to derail the thread but can someone explain why Vlade went after Lavine? There's a minute crunch as it is for the guards.
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    Justin Jackson

    As you typed that Mason drove the lane and missed his lay up. ;)
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    Justin Jackson

    I'm in the contrary with you. I like Justin and wouldn't lose a wink of sleep if we cut Mason tonight. I'm also for giving WCS another season.
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    Future of Vlade

    No. I didn't say that, my point is that when I watch those individuals play I don't have red flags going off in my head like watching T. Robinson play for example. Fox is a freakin gamer he loves to compete the rest will fall in place with time. Justin too I can tell he's always been very well...
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    Future of Willie Cauley-Stein?

    I think he would and the market will determine the price point.
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    Future of Vlade

    I'm more inclined to use the advanced eye test. Fox and Justin pass.
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    Future of Vlade

    I disagree, those individuals are hard working talented players.
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    Future of Vlade

    We'll see how the season plays out. Anything in the lackluster neighborhood and he's out.
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    Wouldn't it be nice.

    If Skal comes in next season having significantly raised his level of play. I was just wondering how he could fit in if he were to improve. I think if he raises his ability to read and react to defending the perimeter especially that could make a huge difference in how Skal is deployed.
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    Kings to make offer to Marcus Smart?

    That's just the thing at the end of the day bringing in competitive guys is always a good idea.
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    Frank Mason is a 3rd guard.

    So I think it's clear that Mason should be running the stockton squad this year to see if he can sharpen his skills. If not it's time to decline his option or find a trade next year. Just not showing that he's an nba guard right now.
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    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    I'm not so sure we've heard the last of this then. There's probably negotiations going on for a S&T.
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    Vegas Summer League GAME 1: Sacramento Kings v. Phoenix Suns, 7/7/18 4:30 PST, 7:30 EST

    I would love to have a player like Monk to backup Fox but Bogi would also be fine.
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    Vegas Summer League GAME 1: Sacramento Kings v. Phoenix Suns, 7/7/18 4:30 PST, 7:30 EST

    I have been critical of Mason all season long.