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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2020-21

    Thanks! Retiring as commish so this is a nice way to go out. :) Thanks to @Geoff for volunteering to take over next year.
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    KingsFans Fantasy Basketball

    This didn't get a lot of response. :) If you're interested now's the time to let me know. There's a thread on it in the Fantasy and Games forum:
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2020-21

    KingsFans Official (2009) 1. Compact 119-67-3 .638 3 2. Mad D 121-63-5 .653 - 3. SDBallers 102-82-5 .553 19 4. uolj Fog Balls 115-72-2 .614 7.5 5. Dreadnought FTW 109-75-5 .590 12 6...
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2020-21

    Here's a history of the winners and standings from previous seasons. Last season's winner was based on regular season record at the time the league shut down in March. (Note that there are leagues that aren't accounted for here because we did more than one "Official" league in the same year...
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    KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball 2020-21

    This is year TWENTY (20) of the KingsFans "Official" Fantasy Basketball League, a weekly scoring league that has been run since before KingsFans was KingsFans. Because of the compressed nature of this offseason, I restarted the league and automatically included previous teams. We also only have...
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    KingsFans Fantasy Basketball

    Hi there... We here at Kingsfans have a long running Fantasy Basketball league that's been running for 20+ years and I've got two questions for you about it: 1) Are you interested in joining? We always welcome new members into the league and are usually happy to get new players...
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    2020 Bigdog-VF21 Kingsfans NFL Fantasy League

    In... and here.
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2020

    Here... and in.
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    2020 Shelter in Place Alphabet Movie Draft - BONUS ROUNDS

    I voted back when I had a little extra time and was coming here more regularly and also before I realized that the vote might mean I was going to be asked directly to join later. :p I think I'm going to skip it this time. If you need someone to make it a certain number feel free to PM me.
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    NFL 2020-21 Season

    Matt Breida for a one-year rental of Trent Williams? I'd do that. I was skeptical of Lynch the first couple years but I think most of the recent moves have been really good ones.
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    NFL 2020-21 Season

    The year after they lost the Super Bowl the Harbaugh niners were about a foot or so away from going back. So if that path is their destiny then we still have time to enjoy another run. Buckner's a big loss but Alexander and Ford are expensive and injury-prone. I don't think losing either of...
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    KF - Official Fantasy Football League - 2019

    Yeah, congrats VF... and sorry for another close championship game loss @steelevt.
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    2019 Bigdog-VF21 Kingsfans NFL Fantasy League

    Oh man... not only did I win by less than a point, I literally won by only a couple of inches... steelevt had Russell Wilson and if the tight end had made it just a little further for the touchdown then the 49ers lose and so do I. I must say I'm quite happy with the result. :)
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    Whine and moan about your Fantasy Hoops team(s) ITT

    Not sure you really gave it a chance though? Looks like you've been starting Bagley all year even with Holmes and Bjelica available as free agents for a while after they were putting up numbers.
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    KingsFans Fantasy Basketball

    Thanks for the interest from both of you.. @chief bromden I sent you a link to join (use the second one). @DerekJ, you can still join if we can get one more person in the next 90 minutes. Fingers crossed.