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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    Fox is so cruel to Miami Heat this year :D
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    Luka Doncic

    He injured the back of his thigh few days ago, and expected to miss 2-3 weeks of action. He will be ready for Euroleague Play-offs , the most important games of the season. In the last few weeks, he is not putting crazy stats like at the begining of the season, but he is playing consistently...
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    [Game] Kings v. Magic - Friday, March 9 - 7 PT

    The only fun thing for me in this game - Bogi/Koufos looking like Stockton/Malone :D i know Magic defense helped a lot , but Bogi is clicking good with Kings bigs.
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    [Game] Kings v. Knicks - Sunday, March 4 - 6 PT

    Winning with our young core being clutch and active is much more important than losing and getting better position in the draft, in my opinion. Fox, Bogi, Hield, Skal , WCS are our future and they need to build chemistry. There is no better way to build good chemistry and teamwork than wins like...
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    So many mixed experiences with international players. When Euroleague stars like Spanoulis, Navarro, Huertas or Bjelica couldn't find their way , how can GM's trust just solid or good Euroleague players? But actually, almost all good European players like Dirk, Jokic, Parker and others came from...
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    [Game] Kings v. Blazers Tuesday Feb 27

    I don't like games where Zbo has the most points and shoots on the team, but still a lot of minutes for youngs... WCS 31, Justin 25, Fox 33, Bogi 32, Buddy 29, Skal 26, Frank 16. I can live with that... JJ is giving signs of life again. I want to see more from him and in more consistent level.
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    There is no topic

    When you come to Serbia :D I guess you all saw this pic
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    [Game] Rising Stars - Friday, Feb.16 - 6 PT - TNT

    Can't describe how happy i am because of our guy Bogi :D Great game for Buddy too, keep killing them guys!
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    Luka Doncic

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    [Game] Kings v. Trailblazers - Friday, 2/9 - 7:30 PT

    I like what i see from Jackson in the last few weeks. He is smart, well-educated player, and he was missing the most important thing in his game - confidence. He seems much more aggressive and confident now, and i hope he will only get better.
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    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    Oh, i understand now. I missunderstood your post before. I guess considering all the facts about Hill being unhappy, with large and long (for some standards) contract, Kings didn't have a lot offers for him, and other teams knew it, so as we here. But if we use that salary space for a good...
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    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    Maybe i didn't use the right word, or i didnt' understand salary dump how i should. But we free up our cap space for 10m for next season , right?
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    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    Salary dump is the most important thing here for me. Seems like we will be active during next summer. First the draft, then free agency.... can't wait.
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    Bogs - play or rest this summer? (split)

    World championship qualifications won't be easy task for Serbia during summer, we will need some of our NBA and other good players. But i really think it's time for Bogi to rest, and time for Marjanovic, Bjelica, Jokic or Teodosic to play... I guess Bogi will play every Olympic, European or...
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    [Game] Kings v. Spurs - Sunday, Jan. 28 - 4 PT

    It's better for Bogs not to perform great tonight, because Pop will take him :D And Kings "trading history" is not something we should be proud off :D