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    Do we trade Bogi? (split from FIBA thread)

    No question we'd all love to keep bogi as a backup. The reality is there are going to be plenty of teams who would start him and pay him well to do so. Having a core of fox, buddy and bagley, we have to be very careful about overpaying role players, especially after overpaying for barnes. I...
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    NBA and Nike ban ninja style headbands

    I thought the same thing when I read the headline. I figured it would be a safety ban rather than it looking "unprofessional".
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    Question about the fight for the areana.

    I'm just so glad and grateful it got done regardless of political affiliation. That's one of the things that made it special. This city loves this team and the city set aside all other bias.
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    Shaq thinks we’ll be better than the Lakers and Clippers.

    Actually, that's a pretty damn high bar. Not trying to be a lakers appologist, but if a 5 time champ is investing in our team, I'm getting the paperwork ready, laker or not...(preferably not)
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    Is it ok to talk about this hatchet job on the WNBA here?

    Not much detail is needed. Being that the league is in the red, raises for the players is not realistic. The product is not at the level of the nba, and therefore the players will not be paid at that level. It's the same issue I have with rapinoes comments about soccer. The womens world cup made...
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    Former KINGS Omri Casspi signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv for 3 years!

    Man...I wouldve loved omri on this current team as a vet. Regardless I can't think of a better person and professional that was involved with our really bad teams in recent history. I wish him the best and secretly hope he comes back to sac for a season or two before he retires.
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    Call me a butthead, but I like that everyone's sleeping on us. It will only be that much more gratifying when we make the playoffs to us true fans... Bring it on...
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    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    I wish there was a "love" button.
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    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    So what's the news? I havent yet seen a single player who can consistently stay in front of fox...
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    Is it ok to talk about this hatchet job on the WNBA here?

    I don't fully understand what the point of this is.. Everyone knows the WNBA has been in the red for years, and the NBA picks up the tab. If the nba wanted to fold the wnba, they would have done it years ago. In this political climate, the nba would get lambasted if they just simply gave up on...
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    The new amazon show called "The Boys" has me hooked. It's VERY R rated, but Karl Urban's character is just awesome.
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    3rd String Wing Depth?

    My point wasnt that he's the perfect option or even the right option. Only that he's better suited than those others. We're talking 3rd string sf here... Bagley is a starter. Giles a backup at the 4/5. Bejilica? Too slow to guard 3s. I think you're onto something though. We need to sign or draft...
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    3rd String Wing Depth?

    Majorly disagree. He is laterally much quicker and more athletic than bjelica, shoots the long ball better than bagley and giles. I don't see any issues with wenyen guarding 3s and in the modern nba, that's the name of the game. If he can guard 3s, he can fill in at 3. I agree it's not his...
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    Kings add more asst coaches

    Im assuming to make the players around you better.