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    Kenny Thomas vs Jason Thompson

    My friend used to always beat on my Kings with his Nuggets in 2k some years back. One game though, one game I heaved a 3/4 court shot at the end of the fourth down 2 using Kenny Thomas just because I had no choice. He nailed it and victory was mine. Gotta go with Kenny.
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    Follow Kings players in FIBA World Cup games

    DONGGUAN, China (AP) — USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo said Thursday that when the time comes to start assembling the Tokyo Olympic roster, he won’t forget those who backed out of commitments to play in the World Cup this summer. Of the 35 players originally selected for the...
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    Cousins to Lakers

    Damn that is soul crushing.
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    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    Read my mind. Especially with the recognition he is receiving from the media.
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    De’Aaron promoted to Team USA Main Roster.

    Thus, it begins. I think Fox is going to raise some eyebrows this season and I can't wait.
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    Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

    I like Dedmon. If he comes into the season with the right enthusiasm I think he'll be terrific.
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    Ringer article on our Guy.

    I'm very happy we are utilizing the G league and the two ways since Vlade took over. It feels like we are seeing the early years of a we'll run organization. I haven't been able to watch much of summer league this year but am glad to hear that our picks sound promising. When does preseason...
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    Ringer article on our Guy. I like that he speaks openly about his anxiety and plans to use his platform to address mental health.
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    FiveThirtyEight Project Kings to Finish Last in West

    For me our biggest X Factor is the change in coaching. Not entirely sure how we're going to look under Walton. Roster wise we absolutely should be more well-rounded and deeper. I agree with the others in that I don't put much stock in season predictions this early. If I didn't read it in one of...
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    Christian Wood??

    I kid of course Baja you know you are one of my favorite posters. ( Please don't kill me for releasing this to the forums :)
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    Cousins to Lakers

    81 games in his rookie season was the highest games he has played in thus far.
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    Cousins to Lakers