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    Belly traded to Miami

    For Mo harkless and Chris silva, we really couldn’t get anything better than that? We just gave him away not even any picks.
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    [Game] Kings @ Pistons, 2/26/21, 5pm PST 8pm EST

    We did it, we won a game. When’s the parade lol.
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    GR3 gone

    Still can’t believe they snubbed him from the all star game like that, how CP3 make it but not Cory ‍
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    GR3 gone

    Wow hope he lands on a contender, Lakers were interested. Hopefully means more Woodard minute
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    [Game] Kings @ Bucks, 2/21/21 6pm PST, 9pm EST

    right, why everyone wanna fire Walton lets keep him for the tank. We can fire him and find a real coach in the offseason. Remember how bad Joerger was lol, kept winning games for us we were tryna tank smh.
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    [Game] Kings @ Bucks, 2/21/21 6pm PST, 9pm EST

    So 7th straight loss, buts who’s counting. Good thing I still got it in my bookmarks, I’ll be on tankathon...
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    Metu out with broken wrist

    Sign zbo to a 10 day before the next grizzlies game. Have him handle Jonas, just send a little message.:)
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    Let’s trade for John Collins?

    We should look into Mo Bamba as our center of the future. He was tons of potential he hasn’t gotten to show much playing behind Vuc. And reports are saying they plan on keeping Vuc and shopping Bamba. If the price is right we should grab him and maybe simultaneously ship out Whiteside somewhere.
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    Let’s trade for John Collins?

    Idk they don’t wanna max him for some reason but paid every free agent they could. They stacked PFs and Centers like Vlade was their gm
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    Let’s trade for John Collins?

    You wanna talk about Bagley’s elite defense?
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    [Game] Kings vs. Magic, 2/12/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Idk but I low key like Kyle better than Mark
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    Let’s trade for John Collins?

    Idk I just feel Collins is a proven 20/10 guy and actually stretches the floor effectively. Career 38% from 3 is very solid. He’s also more durable and would give a fresh start.
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    Let’s trade for John Collins?

    Hawks are open to trading him, they don’t wanna pay him and have a crowded front court. He would fit great on the kings and we form a good young trio of Fox, Haliburton, and Collins. I’d do a trade centered around Bagley and picks. Bagley can come off the bench for them and gives them another...
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    Beli requests trade, possible trades?

    well this thread turned into a big back and forth argument lol. Heat fans: don't trade Herro for Harden, Giannis, or Beal Kings fan: What can we get for Belly
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    The Closed Cojo Thread

    hes a Canadian nuff said, jk lol I feel you tho. I was never of a fan of signing him. I still prefer Yogi idc.