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    2021 Free Agency Mega Thread

    If he can be decent stretch 5, he can share the front court with Holmes.
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    It is a good time...

    I disagree about Holmes. IMO, he should start. I hope Kings will get a big, strong stretch 4, who plays good defense. If that happens playoff odds would be 60%, play-in odds 80%. I feel optimistic.
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    It is a good time...

    Our defense will rock this year.
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    2021 Free Agency Mega Thread

    His wife told him she doesn't want to move every year. That was the reason he declined the contract with sixers.
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    It is a good time...

    You know the quote :) I boldly predict this season is the beginning of something special. The initial moves leading the Kings to the promised land: 1. Drafting Off Night 2. Drafting Jokicutombo of Portugal 3. Re-signing Mr. Holmes 4. Coach Christie and other moves. I am looking forward to...
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    Coach Christie! It’s actually happening!

    If Fox doesn't listen, DC can always use upercut.
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    State of the Kings Pre-trade Deadline Edition

    Well there is also the story of Holmes boosting his value.
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    State of the Kings Pre-trade Deadline Edition

    I would trade CoJo and Belly, not HB. I would keep him this season. His value will be higher next year. We can decide before the trade deadline next season if we will keep him for PO run or trade him for something valuable. Also, I would try to resign Holmes.
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    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    Bjelica or moving Barns to the starting PF spot are two only options if Bagley is moved and we don't receive quality SF or PF in return. It is far from perfect, Bjelica lost his agility and became a liability on defense. Moving Barns to PF opens a hole on the SF spot. The Kings FO should be on...
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    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    While I agree with your analysis, I feel sorry for Marvin. He is still 21 old, not many players start their NBA careers at that age. It is not his fault that the Kings drafted him at #2 spot over future HOF. He was raised by his father who installed unrealistic expectations in his mind. If he...
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    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    Mikal is the player I wanted the Kings to draft instead of (gulp) Luka. While he is not Luka level, he is at least a perfect complement to Fox. Good shooter, a good defender, plays team ball, does not request the ball in his hands. I suspect Suns management would LOL on that trade proposal.
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    Big (Man) Love, 2020-21 season

    He did not take a shot in the second half.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Nuggets, 12/29/20, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    While I agree with the final prediction, I disagree with a few takes. Milsap vs Bagley: You underestimate the craftiness of the old man in this matchup. Harris vs. Buddy: Harris is actually an elite defender. Benches: Slight advantage Kings, because of the familiarity. If Kings try to double...
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    [Grades] Kings vs. Suns, 12/26/20

    I did not watch the Atlanta game, so I went to the game thread to read how fans that watched the game rated his contribution. It seems they were quite pleased, despite the terrible shooting. IMO, Holmes is missing badly alley-up passes Bogi regularly provided to him. Hopefully, Hali will do the...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Suns, 12/26/2020, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    I don't remember exactly what happened, but I think there was Twitter conversation, where he was involved.