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    Next group event - 12/23 v. Pelicans

    I'll take it if still available!
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    Before Oct 31 deadline/Jimmer news (merged)

    But wait....he's our franchise player!! :confused: In all seriousness though, he seems like a good guy who plays hard and wants to get better. Just doesn't seem to fit in with Malone's "vision" moving forward. But who knows....maybe Thornton falls out of favor with Malone and Jimmer gets some...
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    Kings close to signing Mozgov?

    Would rather keep Aldrich, but I still like the signing.
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    The morning after and other news, rumors, etc.

    Can't wait to buy Zing....after the Maloof's run that venture into the ground and it's on the clearance rack for 2 bucks! :D
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    Down to the wire and other news, rumors, etc.

    Hell....yeah! Congrats to all the fans and everyone who fought to keep the team where it belongs...SACRAMENTO!!!!
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    Sacramento being seriously vetted and other news, rumors, etc.

    I thought one of our reasons for us keeping the Kings was because Sacramento was a one sport/team city? I'm indifferent to it, cause I'm not a hockey fan, but thought that was interesting.
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    [Grades] Grades v. Bobcats 03/03/2013

    I just shake my head and expect the worse whenever that guy has the ball in his's either going up or a turnover.
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    Mitch The Rock Richmond

    Rich Mitchmond? :cool:
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    Local buyer reportedly enters the picture!

    YES! I'm going to Monday's game...gotta keep the faith, get people to the game and show everyone why the Kings NEED to stay in Sac!
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    Does Keith Smart resent Jimmer Fredette?

    Reading all of tyreeeke's Jimmer posts is making me lose brain cells.
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    Does Keith Smart resent Jimmer Fredette?

    Do we need to guess who the ONE yes vote is?:rolleyes:
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    Truehoop article on Tyreke's season and situation

    I don't think he's the one not being objective...and yes this is coming from a Jimmer supporter.
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    New starting lineup ideas

    I think Coach Smart feels the need to treat everyone in this "family" as equals and doesn't want to hurt their feelings. He's taking this "player's coach" thing too far. He can't possibly think that a winning team would have their 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th players playing equal minutes to his...
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    No Jimmer? Makes no sense.

    Can we just close this thread? I'm a Jimmer fan myself (I have the shirt to prove it!), but quite frankly he is the 3rd, maybe 4th best PG on the team right now. I hope he can find some type of role on this team, but unless he grows 3 or 4 inches or magically becomes a defensive wizard, we'll...
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    Salmons... "excused" ?!?!?!

    Unless John or the organization actually comes out or someone knows something...maybe we could actually give him a break?