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    Golden State hosts Sacramento after Curry's 62-point performance

    will be checking the over unders on
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    Marvin Bagley's Dad Unloads On The Sacramento Kings

    The boy was dumb as rocks especially defensively. If people continue to draft the dumbest kid at the top of the draft this will happen every year. Haliburton at least has basketball instincts!
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    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    wow! His D was so bad in college how can he be considered in the same sentence as the MVP!?
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    Vivek voted worst NBA team governor

    or MJ!?
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    Rudy gobert signs super max, Whiteside was a steal

    thats serious money for Gobert. Think jazz could regret that one as he ages. sort of agree with shaq on this one!
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    Welcome Tyrese Haliburton

    this is the kind of baller i ve been asking the FO for for a decade! actually take all encompassing IQ over any 1 individual trait like athleticism or shooting and watch them transform the team culture and make players better!!
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    wait are u trolling the mavs back for taking Doncic? would expect a ; ) in there somewhere hehe