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    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Wednesday, March 11 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    Realistically it’s only going to be worse a month or two from now I can’t really see them re-starting the season before then. If anything they might decide to end the regular season with the standings now they are, start the playoffs in May(rough to start playoffs after two month layoff), and...
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    If you look at the countries hit hard before the US (China, s Korea, Iran, Italy) then that might be a reality in the next 2-3 weeks for large parts of the country.
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    I’m in the, this sucks but not an overreaction camp. This virus has an exponential grow rate, highly contagious, no immunity to it yet and and no vaccine in site. It’s like that math problem as a kid we learned, on day 1 if you have a penny and it doubles everyday for a month how much do you...
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    Kings and Buddy agree on a deal

    Awesome news! I like his half court heaves though.
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    I’m thinking a little more flair and pizzazz with his game. The Professor from those And1 mixtapes as a template should earn the extra 2.5 mill
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Buddy is 4 years younger and I would say overall a slightly better player than Gordon. Id guess it’s more likely to be over $100 mil on a 4 year deal than it is to be under $90 for Buddy.
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    Insider W-L Predictions (and Kings W poll)

    I’m feeling as optimistic as anyone right now going over different lineups in my head that all seem to fit so well to where I almost feel like I have a problem. Objectively though, pretty much every team in every sport has a player or two that doesn’t take an anticipated step forward or even...
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    2019/2020 Schedule release Aug 12 Noon

    I think it’s mostly ignorance and perception. The average fan mid-way through the year still probably felt the kings sucked based off over a decade prior of ineptitude and not following us too closely. Now I feel the majority have noticed the Kings are a young and exciting team to watch even if...
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Half court buzzer beaters
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    Buddy and Bogdan’s extension?

    Hield 5 year $115 mil Bogi 4 year $60 mil I wouldn’t mind seeing Hield locked up before the year end, Bogi I would wait it’s definitely a big year for him
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    Westbrook traded to Rockets

    Merge please wrong section
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    Westbrook traded to Rockets
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    Back-up SF

    I’d like to see them talk to Danuel House Jr. I don’t figure he’ll command too much and was a real boost for Houston after being called up last year.
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

    It’s an old pic from years ago, Frances Wang responded in her twitter comments to that question
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

    Love this news, I’m guessing it will be 3-4 years $12-14 mill per season range?