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    Mid-Season Trade Thought: Draymond Green

    Awful....can't believe you wasted 7 minutes of your life writing that.
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    Temple Traded for Ben McLemore and Deyonte Davis (merged)'s "Brightest bulb in the lamp, or sharpest tool in the shed."
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    HARRY GILES (merged)

    Dude....there is a 0% chance that Bagley sees time in the G-League. The only way I see Giles going there is if after like 25 games he's completely stinking up the joint...then maybe, but this scenario is extremely unlikely. And, they are NEVER going to send the #2 pick of the draft to the...
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    Free Agency Thread

    He shot 39% from 3 last year....that's solid. He's a classic 3 n D guy
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    Free Agency Thread

    Probably. He always picks fights with little guys.
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    GAME THREAD: California Classic Day 2: Sacramento Kings vs. Bay Area Scum, 8 PM PST, 11 PM EST

    Fox played last night and dominated. Put up 23/8/6/3 and shot 60% from the floor. Probably didn't deserve a "critique" after that performance.
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    Trade proposal of the century (split)

    0-14 so far....
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    The Kings young core - is it enough?

    You're a buzz kill
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    DRAFT PICK discussion thread

    Who’s the pick here for us?
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    DRAFT PICK discussion thread

    Of course not
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    Welcome to the Sacramento Kings, Marvin Bagley III

    I'm excited too because I'm a huge Kings fan but, let's be real, how many "Day 1's of a new era" have we endured over the past 30 years?
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    DRAFT PICK discussion thread

    Should we be worried that Vlade was seriously thinking about drafting MPJ at #2 and he has yet to be taken?
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    DRAFT PICK discussion thread

    Put down the drugs....