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    Should the Kings go after Horford?

    In this scenario - I think I’d rather take Jaylen Brown and roll with a Mitchell, Haliburton, Brown Bagley and Len lineup - and try to swing Buddy for a forward or center that could help us.
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    [Game] Kings vs Pistons, 1/19/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    You are totally correct. I hated that shot - mostly because prior to that Bagley was doing a good job getting his looks within the flow of the offense. It was Holmes “defense” on Olynyk down the stretch that distressed me (the step back 3 and the open 3). You have to drive him off the 3 point...
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    [Game] Kings vs Pistons, 1/19/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    That was a horrible last 90 seconds of the game. A total collapse. It’s hard to blame any players when everything breaks. But Barnes having that ball go through his fingers, Bagley’s rushed shot and “defense” and Holmes fouling and tending were big contributors.
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    Fox or Haliburton?

    I really like Fox - as a personality and a player. Same with Mitch Richmond. If we could get Ben Simmons for Fox and trade our first rounder, Bagley and Thompson for Christian Wood, I’d start watching this team again. Hali and Davion need to be the clear leaders on this team. They are culture...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Grizzlies, 12/26/2021 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    I’m going to give Monte a longer leash. The team is at least more talented now - and his 2 trades that got blown up made sense. He hasn’t made any moves that have handcuffed the team’s future. But obviously, the team is just as bad as it was under Vlade.
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    Luka/Dallas and Vlade

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    [Game] Kings @ Raptors, 12/13/2021 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern

    Not having a facilitator in the front court is killing this team.
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    Blow It Up

    Mitchell’s shooting isn’t all that bad for the first 30 games of a rookie season. It’s not good. But for someone figuring out the NBA, playing in a crap offense, and expending maximum effort on D - not terrible. His age does limit his upside and he is not the physical beast that MS is - but...
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    [Game] Kings @ Raptors, 12/13/2021 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern

    Maybe Canada can do us a solid and detain the team on fraudulent basketball charges?
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    Blow It Up

    I’m cool rolling with a Mitchell and Haliburton backcourt going forward - as long as we can get some talent at other positions. This team is unwatchable.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 12/04/21 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

    Morris had pretty good position and Fox tried to grab Morris’ arm for leverage. Fox fell because he is not as strong as Morris. Why Fox was on the block for a rebound in the first place us beyond me. I think that’s why Jackson missed the shot on purpose - he knew there was a mouse in the house.
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    I wish Walton had lost the team, and Monte found us another one.
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies, 11/28/21 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    Can we fire Luke Walton again?
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    [Game] Kings @ Grizzlies, 11/28/21 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    I hope I start seeing different talent, soon.