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    Top 3 Key Questions for the coming year

    Questions: 1 - can any King play like a top 20 NBA player? 2 - will this team be soft and wilt in pressure situations, or will they play tough? 3 - will they play with intensity to start every game?
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    Who gets the last two roster slots when Camp ends?

    Good point. What I should have said, is I think he’s more of a rotation guy than a developmental guy. And I have nothing to back that up.
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    Who gets the last two roster slots when Camp ends?

    I think people are sleeping on Moneke.
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    Keegan Murray

    Rookie duty. Keegan had to be there for when the guys got thirsty - all you can drink Snapple.
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    Richaun to miss rest of the ('21-'22) season

    16 minutes a night of Davion-Holmes pick-and-rolls could do wonders for our bench production.
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    Keegan has minor wrist surgery, should heal quickly

    I would actually like to see your paper. I have had a lot of connections with the Bee over the years. Your analysis sounds correct.
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    King Delly Has Officially Arrived

    This is a hoops dream come true for me (huge SMC Gaels fan). I don’t expect a ton of minutes, but Delly is going to leave his mark on the team. One more dog on the team!
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    Kings organization being sued for sexual harassment

    It was dripping in something…
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    Keegan = MVP

    Why you all got to mess with a fun thread for a Bagley rehash? Keegan Murray is slowly shaking his head at you all right now and deciding whether to also point a finger in your general direction.
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    Keegan = MVP

    Whenever Keegan Murray accidentally curses on the court, he washes his own mouth out with soap.
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    Keegan = MVP

    When Keegan Murray was born, he didn’t cry. He slapped the doctor.
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    Trade ideas

    Agree. But if the Kings could get an All-Star with a 2025 frp; Atlanta would probably be OK with locking in a pick for 2023. If the Kings were adding an All Star - I think they’d be ok rolling the dice on not being a lotto team again.
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    Keegan = MVP

    When people see Keegan “smiling”, he’s really just exercising his cheek muscles.
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    Kings organization being sued for sexual harassment

    It makes more sense now why Vivek’s daughter got the Stockton job. I feel awful for the plaintiff. Hopefully the team settles with her in a manner that lets her deal with the trauma and move forward with her career. The organization absolutely has to improve itself so that all employees...
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    2022 Everything Free Agency/Trades Thread

    What do you mean? Chima is a dude that’s like - just give me a chance and I’ll show you. It’s going to be difficult for him to crack the rotation in year 1. But I see a scenario where he’s in the top 8 of the rotation by year 2.