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    Letting Holmes walk.

    Captain basically articulated everything in my mind regarding Holmes.
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    Kings approach at the draft...

    FWIW, I hate all the options on that poll. The Kings should do whatever they can to improve their roster and their assets. Period.
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    [SPOARTS!] Comments that don't warrant their own thread

    I noticed that immediately. Was awesome.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JUN)

    Domestic Violence?
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    Bobby Jackson named head coach of the Stockton Kings

    He literally was on his wife’s show super excited because he thought he got a coaching job with the Kings. When on air someone says you’d be a great coach, he always responds how he’d love the opportunity...
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    Coin flip day today.

    We should start phrasing it: "The Kings are close to being mediocre" that should help things
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    Big Trade Targets

    THere's a lot to unpack here. Buddy's contract is negative value. You are not getting anything of value in return for him. The best we could hope for was less salary coming back for a lesser player. To move up 3 or 4 picks if we are using buddy in the trade, at minimum we are giving up the 9th...
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    Letting Holmes walk.

    This is what we can offer Holmes (roughly) using early bird. It seem fair and correct. It's just shy of 12MM AAV
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    Big Trade Targets

    No offense bud, but I just have no idea where you are getting this idea that we can move a bunch of our junk (at best mediocre) players to get into the top 5 of the lottery it what is being referred to as a 5 person draft. We have two assets that will get us a top 5 pick and we aren't trading...
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    Big Trade Targets

    I mean, there are other things that shoot down that trade, like it being 3-1 in favor of the kings. lol
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    Big Trade Targets

    I like it, but its not happening. lol
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    Top Ten Ranked Free Agent Big Men

    If he gets a 4/80 offer he should take it and we should wish him best of luck.