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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Thursday, Feb. 22 - 7 PT

    You must not know Joerger very well. Be prepared for Buddy to get 21minutes
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    Vivek interviewed by the writer of erotic fiction

    I used to say that we shouldn't be golden state 2.0, but at some point you do have to recognize that for a few years now perimeter-oriented teams are finding far greater/easier success than those built around bigs. Or put in another way, you need spacing and a star perimeter player more than you...
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    I've seen such positive reviews on social media. Personally I thought it was good, not great. Certainly not in my top 3 favourite marvel movies. Care to share what you found so amazing?
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    This cannot be said enough. Chris Webber has to be the worst paid commentator out there.
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    Giving up on WCS? (split from game thread)

    You're not alone based on the eye test.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    I think it had a lot more to do with his injury than it did with Jerry Sloan.
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    Proper pronunciation of Nowitzki (split from Rising Stars thread)

    I find this hard to believe considering phonetically the German w is an English v... Unless you're telling me you guys say Volkswagen and not "folksvagen"
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    [Game] Rising Stars - Friday, Feb.16 - 6 PT - TNT

    As a side note, would love to add Markannen or Saric to the current mix of players we have. Think their versatility and ability to stretch the floor as bigs is far more valuable than whatever it is Willie gives us every other game.
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    [Game] Rising Stars - Friday, Feb.16 - 6 PT - TNT

    Buddy looked slightly bummed that he didn't get the MVP (I dare say he really wanted it considering he was still playing some D at the end), but needless to say, great job guys!
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    [Game] Kings @ Rockets - Wednesday, Feb. 14 - 5 PT

    Sounds good :) I'm at work, not watching the game. (It's 9am my time)
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    [Game] Kings @ Rockets - Wednesday, Feb. 14 - 5 PT

    If Buddy doesn't get at least 26minutes ...
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    [Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Tuesday, Feb. 13 - 5:30 PT

    These are the kinds of things that I would miss when Jerry retires
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    If I'm not wrong there's a certain PG in San Antonio who has won more than both Paul and Westbrook combined, who in his younger days was known for his speed, not being a natural playmaker and ability to score despite not being a good outside shooter.
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    [Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Tuesday, Feb. 13 - 5:30 PT

    Wonder how many times Bogs will let his man score on a backdoor cut this time... That's one hole in his defense that he really needs to work on (he even brought it up himself in one postgame interview)
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    Kings waiving papa morphed into Vlade sucks

    Seems like there are two issues. If your issue is that we cut them too soon, I can understand but I would counter asking how you think we'd find time for both of them. If your issue is that we drafted the wrong guys, I'd ask whether you should still call it wasting a pick if the rest of the...