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    [Game] Kings @ Knicks - Saturday, Nov. 11 - 5 PT

    The Unicorn is an amazing player and by no means am I comparing Skal to him. But the Unicorn has been playing basketball since he was 6 and Skal started late in Haiti and missed key development time in high school... Porznigis is literally years ahead in his development. Skal has potential hes...
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    The Positives

    Yup... picked up the game late and missed 2 years of HS ball. He is a baby to the game and it shows. We really won't see the player he will become for a few years. You can't teach that touch or that athleticism. I'm really high on him. Did you guys catch that crossover to jumper last night...
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    [Grades] Grades: Kings @ Nuggets, 10/21/17

    May I remind folks skal has 36 games of NBA experience with a mere 18 MPG. For all intents and purposes he is still a rookie. I'm very encouraged by his growth. In particular when you consider he started basketball late missed 2 years of high school basketball and had a limited run at Kentucky...
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    [Game] Kings v. Rockets - Wednesday, Oct. 18 - 7 PT

    Terrible call. Very encouraged by what I saw. Youth looked solid.
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    Grades: Kings Summer League GAME 3 7/10/17

    I'm not worried about any player on the roster. They have all showed something. Young guys with talent. I will take that. I get it, being a Kings fan can suck. We have been terrible for over a decade and all we had to show for it was Cousins. But even Cousins took a few years to develop. He...
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    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Yup, and apparently skal who averaged 4.8 rebounds in 18.8 minutes in the NBA as a rookie can't rebound to save his life. Because you know summer league. People need to relax. Just like u can't anoint fox as a superstar because of 1 summer league game u can't call people busts either. We a...
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    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Lack of strength forces him to tough shots. Has a way to go still. Either that or he has to develop a handle to get around the defender.
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    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Fox and Jackson look legit. Buddy being buddy shot is not falling but still have to account for him. Skal looks raw. Lack of strength is making him take tough shots. Still no handle. That will take time.
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    Who has All-Star Potential?

    Agreed, All of that will come with good coaching and time. I'm excited about the roster.
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    Who has All-Star Potential?

    For skal beside strength his transformative skill would be being able to attack off the dribble. If/when he develops the triple threat you have your all star. He needs to improve his footwork and his handle and his IQ. He already has the turn around foot work down so he's on his way there. He...
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    Who has All-Star Potential?

    He doesn't have a lot of basketball experience and he already has elite touch with both hands and the footwork for a turn around jumper. 9 foot standing reach and a 40 inch vert. Start believing.
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    Welcome Harry Giles!

    Not like he was lying. We're coming up though!
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    Skal Labissiere

    Agreed! Hopefully we get lucky next year and land the no 1 pick. Either way we will be a bottom 3 team next. We will have Porter, Knox, and Bridges to choose from at the wing next year.
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    Celtics and 76ers deal

    At that point we would have Jimmy Butler and nothing else. We would still be a lottery team. I think it's best to commit to this rebuild and hope that by the time we are on the rise the Warriors are at the tail end of their dynasty. We are losing our pick in 2019 which sucks but we have had how...
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    Skal Labissiere

    He made some offensive moves that showed a level of lateral quickness rare in PFs but he was abused on the perimeter. Could be a technical issue as opposed to a physical issue. He is a power forward tho. We need to see progress in his ball handling next year. That should be his focus and of...