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    NBA/Kings Draft Lottery Thread

    Exactly what I was thinking. AD wouldn't want to hang around in his prime waiting for Zion to develop. Sure, Lakers don't look that great either, particularly if they have to gut their team to get him, but with AD, Bron, and some other players they can get with their cap, they can fill out the...
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    Yeah, but these are what I can understand :-)
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    Some folks pointed to the serious slide the team showed since the break. I didn't realize the stats were that bad, and the coaching staff has certainly to take some blame for that. I do wonder though, if they got a feeling that their time was up. Even the best of professionals will lose some...
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    Haven't read all the posts, so apologies if I am repeating thoughts already expressed, but here is my $0.02. I think we will regret this move for a long time. The worst move we have made since the Malone firing. I really wish I'm proven wrong. With the issues we have faced with revolving door...
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    [Game] Kings @ Mavericks - Tuesday, March 26 - 5:30PT/8:30ET

    At some point last year, when this board was all gloom and doom, I had said that I think the Kings will be much improved this year, and win at least 37 games. Sadly, I got swept in by the overall sentiment, and didn't stick to my "prediction". However, even the optimistic version of me will...
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    Reviewing Bagley v Luka

    Loved this post. Don't give a damn about what others might think of us.
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    [Game] Kings vs Knicks 3/4- 7PT/10ET (A Must Win!)

    True. Just like there are no moral victories, there are no moral losses. All that matters is that we keep doing our bit, and hope the Spurs falter.
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    Kings Magic Number for Playoffs?

    We are just 3 games behind Portland, and play them in the last game of the season (@Portland). If we win that, we own the tie breaker, so we are effectively just 2 games behind. Certainly within reach, though that last game will be crucial (if we are still fighting at that time).
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    The Brow

    If Davis ends up in LA, they will manage to put enough pieces around them to contend. Yes, will be tough without picks or space, but we have seen in the past that vets will happily take a cut to play short term for a contender. And any team that has AD in his prime, and James still playing great...
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    Kings trade Shumpert

    If this is all we do by tomorrow's deadline, despite all our assets, and unique ability to help teams shed salary, my deadline grade for Vlade would be an F. Valued SFs like Porter have moved for very little return value. That said, I do wonder if Wiz called us, and what our response was. Given...
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    Tonight’s the night?

    I would certainly hope a move is made. We have tons of assets that are worthless after tomorrow. We should try to get something out of them without giving away a core piece. It doesn't have to be a major move, but something that can help us this year and beyond. We also need to decide on...
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    Kings Magic Number for Playoffs?

    Probably not the correct thread for this, but some time back I had speculated that Clips will just not let Harris go, and we have no chance of getting him in FA. And they turn around and give him up for very little value (perhaps the draft picks they are getting will be good). Way to make folks...
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    Kings Magic Number for Playoffs?

    Wow! Clips just traded Harris. This should help us leapfrog them. That said, Lakers trade for Reggie should help them a bit, though of course, in terms of impact, this is not in the same zip code as the Clippers trade.
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    Kings Magic Number for Playoffs?

    I think Blazers might not be too safe either. They look pretty right now, but have played 30 home games (where they are 22-8), and only 23 road games (10-13). As their road games catch up, they might suddenly look much worse. None of the other West teams have such a huge disparity in the home vs...
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    Better Franchise Cornerstone: Fox, Bagley or Giles?

    I received a note from the admins that my little joke caused a flare up and they were forced to delete some posts, including mine. I'm sorry about it. It was a joke, as the smily at the end suggested, and I didn't mean to cause any uproar or added work for the mods. Just making a public apology...