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    It does have a nice ring to it...:cool: make it happen everyone!
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    Can't wait for the season, and for it to start raining threes, The Sacramento Kings rule this city of trees!
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    This thread is pure gold
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    Kenny Thomas vs Jason Thompson

    And he liked to dribble........a lot...........this can’t be overstated used to drive me absolutely insane...:mad:
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    Finally caught Captain Marvel (redbox), I enjoyed it. I see where my friend's criticism of "its closer to the first Thor then, say, a Black Panther". Definitely a middle of the pack MCU film (in the range of Ant Man and the Wasp). Still a lot of fun, and it was cool seeing a superhero who has...
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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    I love this board and team so much I could be bothered to help on grades this upcoming season if we want to bring them back, team baja and King, the California kids! Haha.
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    2019 NBA Draft thread

    Good move for Minny though, maybe they get a stud PG? Coby White?
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    I just gotta say you have been a fantastic addition to the board, I have always enjoyed you and how well you communicate. You are alright my friend, I don’t care what VF21 says about you...:p PS - I decided to give up the sauce for good after that Bulls game nonsense, had one too many cervezas...
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    I have missed a lot of those names on that list, none more so then Sir Brick, the great one himself. My memory is insanely good; so seeing all those OG user names is a blast from the past. Everyone who helped out on those game grade threads did fantastic work, I think I might miss those the most!
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    Young Kings already getting in work at team's practice facility

    He had to go do a physical since they are trading him on draft day.......:p
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    What about Burks ?

    I still like Burcs, think he could be good bench depth next season.
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    [Game] Kings v. Rockets - Tuesday, April 2 - 7PT/10ET

    Harden is the worst, shoot shoot shoot...rinse and repeat!
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    [Game] Kings v. Rockets - Tuesday, April 2 - 7PT/10ET

    Lack of imprint...:p
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    Welcome back, Bogs!

    For the record I held onto my stock as well...;)