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    Vegas Summer League (split)

    JJ seems like a guy who will look much better playing with actual quality NBA players. Does good role player things out there. Will need to work on his spot shooting, he does well attacking closeouts but teams will let him shoot at this point. I think he is a nice little project as the 3rd SG.
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    Early Playoff predictions

    One thing that could help the Kings is that our core has been together for a couple of years now. Its much easier to insert role players into a team, which we will be doing. We do have a new coach but it seems Walton will be building on what was established last season.
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    California Classic Game 1 Kings versus Warriors 7/1/19

    Kyle Guys BBall IQ definitely stands out in comparison to other guys on the floor at this level.
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    Kings sign Cory Joseph

    The good news is we now have real depth to deal with the attrition of the NBA season. If any starter has to miss time there's a real NBA player behind them ready to step in and Walton has a varied roster to tinker with different lineups.
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    Kings sign Dedmon 3 years 40 million

    How about you let the kid play one summer league game before you ship him off to Latvia?
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

    I'd rather get Horford but Dedmond would be my top choice from the non big money guys.
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    Welcome Justin James!

    If he can defend PG's he is an interesting player to potentially play either guard spot alongside Bogi off the bench. Shows pretty good handle and feel.
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    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    Kings are always gonna have to overpay for free agents. Barnes could be a vital 3 and D piece we need going forward. You just have to hope with Fox, Bagley and Buddy the Kings have their three aces. Getting those guys is the hardest part of any rebuild.
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    Harrison Barnes Likely to Receive $88 mill over 4 Years

    It would be smart to front load any contracts we sign this summer so that as our main guys start their extensions, these contracts are have less impact on the cap.
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    Welcome Justin James!

    I agree and from the highlights he shows that he is a pass, dribble shoot?, good IQ guy and I love me some of those so I am interested in how he looks in SummerLeague.
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    Kyle Guy

    Ehh best case scenario is maybe like a Seth Curry. Vann Vleet is built like a mack truck. Guy was the lightest player at the NBA combine.
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    Welcome Justin James!

    But also this is the FO that drafted Papagiannis and said he could be like a Marc Gasol, so can you blame anyone for being pessimistic? Everyone is gonna give these picks a shot but for instance, Sam Vecenie who is legit one of the best in the draft scouting business and didn't have this guy in...
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    Welcome Justin James!

    The problem is when you say "poor man's Kyle Kuzma" that means you see Kuzmas skillset on a worse player. They are completely different based on these highlights. I see maybe an Alec Burks type here with a thinner frame. Shows handle and ability to create off pick and roll, decent first step and...
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    Didn't Bricklayer become a Pelicans fan?
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    Kosta Koufos was signed at $8 million a year to play backup C here. If that what it costs to keep Willie, you do it, retain an asset and you can trade him down the line if that's what's necessary. The only way it makes sense to outright renounce Willie's rights is if you think you can sign Vucevic.