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    Opening Night Tickets for Sale

    I have 6 opening night (10/18/17 vs Rockets) tickets for sale. All next to each other for $36 a ticket. They are in section 201 row P. I'm willing to sell all 6 or in increments of 2 tickets. If interested, please pm me. I can transfer the tickets via ticketmaster or we can meet in person...
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - 3/24/17 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    The Kings game plan should be to just leave Barnes wide open beyond the 3 point arc...
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    Georgios Papagiannis

    For some reason big papa reminds me of a young unpolished Brad Miller...
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    Skal Labissiere

    Crazy stat... I had no idea!! We found the diamond(s?) in the rough in the most recent draft... ESPN Stats and Information In the Kings' victory over the Suns on Wednesday, Skal Labissiere became the first rookie to produce at least 30 points and 10 rebounds off the bench in a regulation...
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    I may have been ... wrong

    1..... 2....... 3........ "Buddy Rocks!!!"
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    Here We Go

    If the kings don't beat Boston without DMC and Buddy doesn't drop 28 in the World vs US All-Star game... does this trade still go down?
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    Only DeMarcus Cousins trade rumor thread

    What if somehow the league denied the trade just like they did with the Chris Paul to Lakers and DMC was back in Sac for Thursdays game. Vivek would have no choice but to go into hiding!
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    Goal of this season - 8 seed or development

    Playoffs?? Playoffs?? We should be talking about practice... practice...
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    [Game] Kings @ Sixers - 1/30/17 - 3PT/6ET

    I feel like Embiid is one step away from being another Greg Oden. After seeing his leg buckle a week or two ago, I just have a bad feeling about him being able to play long term in the league. I hope I'm wrong...
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    [Game] Kings @ Cavs - 1/25/17 - 4 PT/7ET

    I'm hoping we will see more time from Malachi Richardson. For some reason, he reminds me of an unpolished young Rip Hamilton. I'm interested to see how is his career develops.
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    Season Ticket Holder with 13 Games for Sale ($25 a ticket)

    I'm a season ticket holder and have 13 games for sale (listed below). I'm selling these tickets at face value which is $50 a pair. If you are interested, please PM me and I can send you the tickets through the Kings website. You can pay via paypal, cash or venmo. The seats are located in...
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    Parking at G1C?

    FYI they have an open house event for season ticket holders on Sunday 9/25 from 10-2. You will have access to go inside the arena, walk around and check out your seat.
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    Free Agency

    The only problem is we have no one to guard Steph, Durant, Green or Thompson. Crazy that 4 of the 5 starters were all stars last year!
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    Free Agency

    Is it weird to feel like we are the biggest winners so far in this free agency by not overpaying for "off the bench" type of players?
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    Free Agency

    Adrian Wojnarowski @WojVerticalNBA Free agent forward Kenny Thomas has agreed to a five-year, $98M deal with Sacramento, league source tells @TheVertical. Haha... Thank god this kind of money wasn't around back when Kenny Thomas was signed.