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    I need a sales pitch for Lopez

    I’m warming to this idea
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    Bring back Boogie? (split from Grant/Boogie thread)

    Been there done that. No thanks
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Was talking with my dad about this, I’m 40 and remember it, but until I watched this I had no clue about the subsequent cover up. Scary .
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    The Finals

    Glad I bet on TOR :-) But wow talk about a catastrophic ending to a dynasty. I hate the W’s, but that was sad to watch
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    The Finals

    Is this because of the knee or because you don’t think he’s a true #1? Personally I’d max him out. Stud on both ends of the floor, but I get what you are saying.
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    Grant Napear/Boogie

    Not a grant fan and I do like cousins as a person....but by all accounts he treated people on his team and within/outside the organization like crap due to his frequent moodiness. Not saying all the time, but it happened and happened enough to rub a lot of folks the wrong way. Our own CD talked...
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    I could get on board with this. Improve defensively, get good depth at positions if need and get a mobile C who can stretch the floor and has a very good FG%
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    Malcolm Brogdon is the one

    Screw that guy after that low blindside cheap shot he put on Bagley
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    Does Bagley remind you of Siakam?

    This might sound a little odd, but I would be disappointed if Siakam is what Bagley becomes. I think Siakam is a very very very good player and I love his game, this more speaks though to the expectations I have for Bagley and how special I think he can be
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    Assistant coaches

    Me too
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    Assistant coaches

    Who’s the lead assistant?
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    The Sharks!!!

    They were just beat to hell. Sucks. Yeah and not sure what the hell was up with Kane. Only thing he did consistently was get brutal penalties
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    The Sharks!!!

    We were in Healdsburg for that game: my wife called it an early night so I went to the bar and grill across the street to watch. Ended up leaving after the 2nd period and planned on watching the 3rd at the hotel. Well I promptly passed out right when I got in the room fml
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    I need to watch Brockmire. Hank Azaria is one of my favorite actors Btw what did you think of Big Bang finale?
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    Not sure if anyone has watched Chernobyl , but it is amazing . Unbelievably tense and great acting