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    Kings players test positive for COVID-19 (merged)

    idiot if true
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    The MMA thread

    Fights have been highly entertaining lately ...or I’m just sports deprived
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    Kings players test positive for COVID-19 (merged)

    yeah you are right, it’s not contagious at all. Just like the flu :rolleyes:
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    Kings sign Corey Brewer

    Always liked him. Man I don’t know if there are going to be sports or not, but would love to see this team fully healthy
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    Jason Jones on Vlade Divac (excerpt from The Athletic)

    I must say, having the athletic has shown me another side of Jason Jones writing. I thought his writing while at the Bee left a lot to be desired, but he is putting out very good work with the athletic
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    you will appreciate this. 10 min into Watchmen pilot....sold This show seems even more relevant now with everything going on
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    my wife watches that. The properties are beautiful, I just find the people repulsive. Although I find most people on Bravo repulsive, yet it’s a guilty pleasure of mine lol
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    NFL 2020-21 Pre-season

    yeah he had all sorts of infections Post surgery. He was a really extreme case. I think it took Sammy Watkins 2 years to get back as well. But from what I have read from a piece by Rapoport it actually seems like this is a fairly normal injury and he should be fine as long as he does not rush...
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    NFL 2020-21 Pre-season

    I’d be shocked if he’s back in 10 weeks. I’m thinking if all goes smoothly and no setbacks, he’ll be back week 5 vs MIA. These kind of foot fractures are tricky and can can have long term effects. Good news is they at least said the surgery went perfect today. Glad to see the niners can’t...
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    Kings playoff chances remote.

    Well technically all they need to do is secure #9 and then they’d have a play in between 8 and 9 Actually looks like a better explanation above
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    General Grant Napear termination discussion

    after the fact
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    General Grant Napear termination discussion

    i guess Barling went through and disputed s lot of this today. Going to listen shortly
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    General Grant Napear termination discussion

    that’s when he lost me
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Yup a buddy sent me that last night as well. Plan listening yo that and Barling podcast