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    [Game] Rising Stars - Friday, Feb.16 - 6 PT - TNT

    He stopped a fast break by committing a Eurofoul -- infuriating enough even when the game counts -- and was booed by the crowd when he tried to dribble out the clock before being stripped by Donovan Mitchell. This is my guy.:cool:
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    George Hill to the Cavaliers?

    Get Zizic
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    Results are in on Bogie

    I'm wondering how Bogdan is not a 30mpg starter yet
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    Bogdan Bogdanovic

    Popovich Praises Bogdanovic The fifth-winningest coach in NBA history recognizes the Kings rookie's play this season. Prior to Monday's contest against the San Antonio Spurs at Golden 1 Center, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich shared his view of the dynamic Kings rookie's first season. "He's...
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    Luka Doncic

    Talking about Doncic, what he has done with his national team goes beyond stat lines and highlights. Slovenia always had a talented national team and great basketball players, like some Euroleague legends as Erazem Lorbek, Sani Becirovic, Matjaz Smodis or NBA players like Dragic, Udrih...
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    Luka Doncic

    It's really difficult for me to answer without laughing, come on! From your post looks like he's playing in the Chinese League and not against the most organized teams in the world.
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    Luka Doncic

    20+8+10 in a road win against the defending Champions
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    Luka Doncic

    Like what?
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    Bogdan Bogdanovic

    He made it look easy, but it's not. Always in control, I'm totally confident when he got the ball because he can miss the shot or the pass, not the selection.
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    [Game] Kings v. Lakers, Wednesday, Nov. 22 - 7:30 PT

    Bogdan is by far our best pg
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    How does Bogdanovic look so far?

    I don't wanna be the guy who says "I told you", but... checking old post... I am, actually. Bodgan is not surprising anyone who watched him playing for several years. A basketball teacher playing among kids. We have to be patient this time. (if I weren't a Kings fan I'd pissed to watch him play...
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    Luka Doncic

    He will probably be the most NBA ready player within the top picks, as usually outstanding freshmen go on top, and we don't have the next year draft pick. I cannot see how can Vlade pass him if he's available, I have no doubt.
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    Kings interested in Hezonja? (merged)

    Bodgan, Mario and then Luka in the next draft. Ex Yugo in the making. Hezonja got talent, he deserves a second chance, in Sacto or somewhere else. Maybe it doesn't work, he's not a already made player like Bogdan. For the right price we can try, I wouldn't be mad for that trade.
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    Luka Doncic

    He deserves his thread. According to Aza Petrovic, coach of Croatia national team and Drazen's brother, the best player came out of Europe in the last 15 years. After the Eurobasket title with Slovenia, now he's dominating the Euroleague and he's not 19 yet.
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    De'Aaron Fox ready to play and David Stockton waived

    David, I like your hustle. That's why it was so hard to cut you.