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    If Porter drops to 7

    Well, I haven't seen much of Porter, so if you think he's worth a shot, I'll acquiesce to the wisdom of one of our resident "draft prospect guys" ;) For the record, I was all about Tatum last year. I think my favorite pre-draft scenario was us grabbing him and DSJ at 10. I think Tatum is a bit...
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    Who are your picks if the Kings win a top 3 pick in the Draft Lottery?

    Dogfight Ayton Bagels Too lazy to fix the autocomplete, y'all get the idea (I'm actually just easily amused and find typos funny).
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    If Porter drops to 7

    Man, I really don't like Porter. Between the back injury and his best case being something in the Rudy Gay, gets points but doesn't help you win at all and is actually a net negative, mold of offense only player... I get that we need a number 1 option, but still.... I'd rather have one of the...
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    Bogdan for our pick

    Pass. Next draft isn't really supposed to have any transcendent talents anyhow.
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    Pre-Lottery Mock Draft (combined articles)

    These mocks are gonna look pretty silly after we jump into the top 3.
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    Jones: This off-season will be different for the Kings

    Continuity in the FO? Perry is gone. The article brings up our "much improved" scouting department, but we just fired the guy who was heading it, so there goes that stability. Williams is new and has the same title as Catanella (assistant GM), so could this end up another case of too many...
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    Kings lose tie breaker, get #7 pick!

    That's fair! For the record, I was pro lin all year, and think that once again our FO **** the bed with how they handled this season. I suppose I'm just sick of being bummed about it. Whatever will be, will be. Hopefully a miracle happens on lotto day. It would be pretty funny if all the...
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    Kings lose tie breaker, get #7 pick!

    Yes, but if you'd reference my post from before the season in the "how many wins will the Kings get this year" thread, you'd see that I knew we were doomed from the start!
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    Kings lose tie breaker, get #7 pick!

    Nope. 4-10 is a wash. The mocks are all over the place, and some of the guys in the upper half of the top 10 have major bust potential to go along with the upside (JJJ, Bamba, Porter) while the guys available to us are safer picks with decent ceilings (the Bridges). Would I prefer a high...
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    Kings lose tie breaker, get #7 pick!

    It's funny that we dropped. Of course we would. But 6 vs 7 doesn't really make a difference to me. We'll get somebody decent. They won't be named Ayton, Doncic, or Bagely, but that window slammed shut months ago.
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship

    **** this season, so glad it's over. Let the ping pongs land where they may. Long live the Kings!
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    [Game] Kings v. Rockets - Wednesday, April 11 - 7:30 PT

    Those damn tanking Rockets.
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship

    Just let me have my "flat earther" moment! ;)
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    Bizarro Wide World of Sports Lin Championship

    I've always been a low key believer in lotto conspiracy theories. I really hope Silver drops Memphis, Phoenix, and Dallas in the lotto. Naturally with us moving up... our tank was half assed at best, we deserve some "luck"!
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    [Game] Kings @ Spurs - Monday, April 9 - 5:30 PT

    I'm down to sell high on him, but I'm all for keeping him if he doesn't try to get overpaid. I have a feeling he's gonna ball out next season in his contract year, either way. Dude is pretty good when he tries.