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    Monte McNair’s Trade Deadline Strategy

    Dave said his final straw would be McNair getting fired and they still haven't made the playoffs. He swore the gloves would come off and he would go after ownership. He would start demanding publicly that vivek be removed from basketball operations.
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    Monte McNair’s Trade Deadline Strategy

    Listening to CD this morning....... this is why i quit the kings 2 seasons ago. "basketball wise, this franchise is a colossal failure." When asked about tanking, he said its too late. They won't make the playoffs and they are on their way to getting a middle of the first round draft pick...
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    Monte McNair’s Trade Deadline Strategy

    How long can the kings be in this state? Not good enough to make the playoffs and not bad enough to get a good draft choice. Forever mediocre. Then when they do get a chance to pull themselves out of said mediocrity they completely screw it up.
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    March 27 broadcast info

    I’m gonna give some love for Laura Britt. She is incredibly versatile. As a fan of the A’s and the 49ers I have enjoyed seeing her man both the anchor desk and being at the games informing us fans of in game goings on. Laura was the head of the 49ers post games a couple seasons ago and she...
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    State of the Kings Pre-trade Deadline Edition

    Curious to see what kings fans think...... Looks like the kings are making a push for the play in instead of positioning themselves for a very well stocked draft. Kings fans cool with that?
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    Marvin Bagley breaks hand again

    If he's always hurt does it matter how good he might be? Only thing i can relate it to is the 49ers. Deebo Samuals is probably the most talented receiver we've had since T.O. HOWEVER......... he's always hurt. He just can't stay healthy. So the 9ers are talking about moving on from him...
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    Vivek voted worst NBA team governor

    Its been 7 years since he saved the team from moving? Im starting to think that will always save his a** from being considered one of the worst owners is sports. Now as an outsider, it is quite painful to see what sacramento fans accept as NBA talent and ownership. Maybe if the kings weren't...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Hornets 2/28/21, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    when did fox become so indecisive and such a horrible free throw shooter? My kings friends have told me that bagley has been looking better. Since I don’t watch games, maybe this was just one bad game? cause he played horrible defense and he looked incredibly selfish. Buck up kings fans, at...
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    To tank or not?

    Save it for your compadres. I’m not a kings fan.
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    To tank or not?

    I feel really bad for this franchise and their fans. They finally had a chance to draft a franchise altering player and they found a way to screw it up. Now, going into what could be another franchise altering draft they seem to be playing themselves out of it. Just so KINGS!! Theres no...
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    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    I wonder what haliburton and his camp thinks of all this? One of these days the kings will clean up their franchise wide dysfunction. As a fan of the NBA, I am so glad Doncic didn’t end up in Sacramento. This franchise would have found a way to ruin him. I just hope they don’t ruin haliburton.
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    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    As someone who just isn't invested in this team anymore, Ill say the team looks pretty decent. However Fox will not be elite and bagley is gonna be another frustrating WCS. Dudes a bust. He's gonna end up costing you guys wins. Fox will be pretty good. Maybe an allstar once or twice and thats...
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    Woj: Kings let Bogi go

    Kings went from potentially having a franchise changing talent (LUKA DONCIC) and a dam good team to a couple years later, a full rebuild. (again) Looking in from the outside, its friggin hilarious how stupid this franchise is! Take a step back and look at the teams that were at the kings level...
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    Mark Jones named new TV PBP voice

    Excuse me but I didn’t go political at all. Didn’t have to. He liked a tweet that celebrated the 49ers nick bosa blowing out his knee. That can be taken all by itself without going anywhere else. Just so I’m informed.....are posts being deleted because of where they MIGHT go? Even if the...
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    Mark Jones named new TV PBP voice

    Can't post that our new play by play guy is a horrible human being? Because any so called professional that celebrates another athletes season ending knee injury is a real POS. All i did was a duck duck go search and there it is, not to mention a lot of other stuff that i won't post because...