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    Thank you for all the fun!

    I had to take some time off and think of my response so I didn't just spit out things out of anger. I'm sick of us embracing information without a source, that's how fake news being spread all over the internet nowadays. One claims to have new info without any source, the rest of the...
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    Thank you for all the fun!

    I joined since the C-Webb time. Thank you for providing all the critical analysis and debate. Probably wouldn't have been a Kings fan this long without this board. I know not many know me, or care about this, but I had fun here. So thank you for that.
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    Bagley needs to start or Joerger gone?

    Hence why I stopped.
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    Bagley needs to start or Joerger gone?

    First and foremost, if this is true, why is our front office business all out in the open again? Neither really had played that well when given time. Labissiere, I could make a case for more minute. But Giles were literally a foul machine and was obviously not fully ready. This sounds quite...
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    DeAaron Fox

    I thought you were about to give his haircut a compliment...
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    Let's talk about Troy Williams

    Didn't we have a North Carolina fan here during offseason this year who talked about this? And how he saw JJ's development? Sidenote: Is there an option to search thread on this forum that I missed?
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    [NBA 2K19] Unintentionally accurate?

    It's a screenshot from my current GM mode in NBA 2k19...
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    Fox vs. Trae Young

    He... err... danced around... Trae Young... err... like a Fox? *badum tss* :p
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    Lovely to hear Dave encourages Buddy when he had a slow start in the preseason. And "letting him(Bjelica) loose a bit", he surely did! ;)
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    Troy Williams.... ANY QUESTIONS??

    Small sample size, but Troy Williams looks like a mixture of what we thought Ben Mclemore and Justin Jackson would become. Let's see how he fares in the next 40 some days.
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    Post National Media Coverage Here

    I actually think that it is the big companies like ESPN who already got the share so their analysts won't even try to look things up. It is not like the Kings or small market teams are in blackouts or only in local news. We don't live in that age anymore and many things are readily available...
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    Predict the road trip!!

    Hey, I'm not saying to not be happy or not celebrate the immediate success, I am saying to just keep the enthusiasm going but keep the expectation controlled in this extremely instant gratification driven world that seemingly only consist of "best" and "worst". Because when the league starts to...
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    [Game] Kings @ Heat - Monday, Oct. 29 - 4:30 PDT

    Bonus point: Every team that lost to the Kings so far have had an immediate internal or external (media) identity crisis also make this season that much sweeter so far.
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    [Game] Kings @ Heat - Monday, Oct. 29 - 4:30 PDT

    The look of a bored D Wade in the sideline and the deflation of the Heat homer commentators makes it so much sweeter, especially love moments like when they said "Whiteside is going to work the Kings for not believing in him" in the first half, then subsequently "Whiteside has gone invisible" in...
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    Predict the road trip!!

    I voted for 2-2 as well. Just a friendly reminder to all of our beloved Kings fans, don't mean to burst any bubbles but this is what's called the Honeymoon period, where we are a surprisingly better team than last year and most teams didn't plan for us. Once we make a loud enough noise in the...