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    [Game] California Classic 2023, Day 1 (7/3/2023): Kings vs. Warriors 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

    I remember Fox did the same in his 2nd or 3rd year. I think it's more about attacting people to come to the game.
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    What an abysmal offseason.

    いぇあ Yeah but they were only wrong in 1 of 16 seasons, just saying
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    What an abysmal offseason.

    It doesn't look like we are signing anyone else so it doesn't matter now.
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    What an abysmal offseason.

    I actually don't like the Len resign but checking the remaining free agents, there aren't much to choose from
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    2023 NBA Free Agency Mega Thread

    Reaves just signed for 56/4y, as much I hate them, I think they are doing quite well so far
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    Dame asks out

    It is not hard to choose between 19yr old Scoot and Dame, Portland FO just doesn't want to be the guy to say it first.
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    Run it Back!!!

    From the move of 24th pick it surely shows Monte wanted to add that big player, it just didn’t work as he expected. I appreciate Monte but let’s not try to look for a silverlining for everything he did.
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    Run it Back!!!

    So selling off our FRP is just a money saving move to Vivek's favor, good for him
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    Chris Duarte to Kings

    Good pickup. I assume it should be a few 2nd rds
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    Traded the frp to run it back is the last thing I want to see, hope we still get someone and not evaporating the space to extend Sabonis
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    Kings select Jalen Slawson at 54th overall

    I just look it up, and surprised he is older then Keegan.
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    Kings select Colby Jones at 34th overall after trade with Celtics

    I think they love everything Kings.
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    Kings trade Richaun Holmes and 24th overall pick to Mavericks for ????

    That kinda affects coz we have one less FRP to trade, our next tradeable one will be like...2027?
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    Kings trade Richaun Holmes and 24th overall pick to Mavericks for ????

    I don't like the idea of having a 30m+ Grant in the next 4 years honestly, and you lock yourself up with a Fox-Sabonis-Grant core. If it is Kuzma, jeez..
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    Can we get a quality player in the 2023 draft?

    I prefer we make the pick. We will probably give away the pick to ATL next year, meaning we won't have 1st round rookie contract on the team for 2 years. I do think we have some pressure after Sabonis and possibly Monk's renewal. And you would want to have rookie contract to balance it out...