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    Woj: Kings let Bogi go

    I think we’re in a more unique situation compared to most teams dealing with restricted free agents. It seems like we only want to keep one of Bogdan or Buddy, so we may be trying to deal Buddy as we speak. These are just assumptions but it could be a reason why our decision, or lack thereof...
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    REPORT: Bogdan Bogdanovic in S&T to Bucks

    I’m not mad at this honestly.
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    Who would you hire as the new Kings GM?

    Plenty of names are being thrown out there by both fans and by people who have connections to the team. Some of these include Sam Hinkie, Bobby Webster, Scott Perry, Joe Dumars, etc. I really hope the Kings take their time with this decision and they interview many candidates. My personal...
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    The Ultimate Rebuild (with BOS, PHI, POR, & UTA)

    Fox (22, turns 23 in December) is still young enough that if a new GM decides to trade most of our core pieces for future 1sts, we can still turn around the team by the time he hits his prime. I love this strategy and am completely in favor of it. The biggest question is do we want to try to...
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    Kings Win (Coin Toss)

    I’ll take any but of positivity these days. Imagine we win the lottery in the weakest draft in years.
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    The State of the Kings

    We have to rebuild again. Everyone but Fox should be on the table. Vlade and Luke have to be fired this off-season (doubt they will, though). The resurgence from January-March was clearly fool’s gold, as was the entirety of last season (39-43 is solid for a rising team, but they finished on a...
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    Will Vlade Be Fired/Step Down?

    I voted during the 2021 offseason, because I don’t think Vivek wants to spend money on a new GM. But damn, Vlade and Luke have certainly earned the privilege of being fired this offseason.
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    Will Vlade Be Fired/Step Down?

    Nothing funny about those statements, if he was on a better team he would have made the All Star team last year.
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    [Game] Kings @ Spurs, Friday July 31, 5 PM PT

    Yeah but to keep a guy like Fox around long-term, you’ll need a better than solid team. When he becomes a free agent, I’m sure plenty of elite teams in big markets would love to have him.
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    [Game] Kings @ Spurs, Friday July 31, 5 PM PT

    I feel bad for Fox. He needs a better team around him.
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    [Game] Kings @ Spurs, Friday July 31, 5 PM PT

    This game has been incredibly frustrating and makes me wonder why I, a lifelong Kings fan, had any sort of hopes that we may get into the play-in.
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    Group Stage playoffs

    This would be the most fun time for me as a Kings fan. Highest stakes basketball for us in 14 years. I am definitely in favor of this format. Besides the fact it would break our Playoff drought (with an asterisk), ut would be very entertaining to watch all the groups. Sounds like a lot of good...
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    Gobert is so stupid for doing that.
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    Meanwhile Sac State still hasn’t moved classes online yet. :rolleyes: