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    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    I'm going for strictly the presence Bamba would bring.
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    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    There really isn't anything heavily bad nor good about this deal. We are in a state of "time". Just keep playing the kids.
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    DeMarcus Cousins injury (merged)

    Sad to hear and i hope for a full recovery for the most talented big man in the game. but in other news. GOOD TRADE!
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    How does Bogdanovic look so far?

    Bogdan and Skal should never be allowed to leave this team.
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    Idea. Rank the top rookies - rookie ladder

    Bogdan looks very well composed at times, I like him the most.
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    [Pre-season] Kings @ Spurs, 10/6/17 - 5:30PT/8:30ET

    Is xfinity airing this game?
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    How I would distribute minutes:

    Dont sleep on Richardson.
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    Surprise playoff run this year

    We wont even come close, no way. We wil be. Rooting for 1st pick in next years draft. Still will watch every game though.
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    Randolph arrested

    Not that it matters remotely but For the record, ZBo drinks Hennessey. He would always order 3 doubles from room service at the Hyatt when his team was in town (i worked at regency in my younger years)
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    Randolph arrested

    2 words..... Micheal Phelps
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    Randolph arrested

    80%+ of the NBA smokes the chronic. Who cares. It will be federally legal in less than 10 years once the white house and congress see how much it will help California before the year 2020.
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    Bogdanovic - guard or SF?

    SG nothing else.
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    It's early- what do you think of this starting lineup for game one?

    I think by the end of the season the starting 5 will be Fox, Buddy, Carter, Skal and Willie. Im pretty sure we will make a trade for a viable small forward before the deadline. Whats awesome is that Demarcus Cousins is going to sign back with us :) mark my words.
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    The vision of Vlade coming to fruition

    Trust will get you killed. Ide rather keep him in the dog house. Good show by the rooks tonight.
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    The vision of Vlade coming to fruition

    Exactly what I was trying to say.