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    [KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread

    I've been meaning to ask -- are you any relation to Smoothie King? ;)
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    [SPOARTS!] Comments that don't warrant their own thread

    There have been many American swimmers who have won Olympic medals while college students. I don't see anything unfair about it. Before the Rio Olympics, nobody outside of the swimming community knew who Simone Manuel was. She shouldn't now be prevented from swimming for Stanford just because...
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    Favorite Reynolds Quotes

    Ever since the recent Lakers game my wife and I have been calling him Jer-tavius.
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    Sacramento - MLS

    Exactly -- so the ref will estimate how much time was used up in substitutions and treating injuries and add that amount to the end of the half.
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    De'Aaron Fox 1/2 way through the season

    I think it was just a couple of weeks ago that I was watching Tiny Archibald.
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    Why honor Cousins?

    It's great that you're a civil Jazz fan -- it's nice to interact with fans of other teams without boring smack talk. In this case, however, you're all wrong. He's one of the best players we've had, and this franchise hasn't had very many. It isn't DMC's fault that management couldn't put a...
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    US Mens Team Lays an Egg in WC Final Qualifier....

    They dominated Panama 4-0 last Friday in a critical game and then fell on their faces last night. That sums up their inconsistent performance throughout the qualifying process. Even if they made it to the World Cup, there is no way they would have made it out of their group. They need to...
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    WCS dominating the paint

    I tried a couple of HTML plugins for Firefox and that didn't help, and I found the video on the SacBee site and it played just find there, so ... I'm stumped.
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    WCS dominating the paint

    All I see is a blank screen followed by the text at the end, something the happens for me on a regular basis on this site. I normally use Firefox on Windows 10, but had the same result when I tried the site with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Does anyone have an idea what this is...
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    Trip down memory lane

    That's the starting 5. In addition to Marciulionis the other 2 subs were Michael Smith and Lionel Simmons. Link to box score
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    Trip down memory lane

    I was there too, and it was hands down the loudest I ever heard it in the old barn. The game was April 30, 1996
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    [2017] Gone But Not Forgotten

    RIP Gregg Allman. You and your brother and your Brothers made a lot of incredible music.
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    Kings beat Mavericks!

    If I'd watched this at home I could have laughed at the ineptness and been encouraged by the development of the kids. However, I had tickets to this game and, because my wife couldn't go at the last minute, I had 2 full-price tickets for this train wreck. I was disgusted at half time and...
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    Georgios Papagiannis

    He really needs to watch out for guys sneaking up behind him to slap the ball away. Big problem in the Dallas game.