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    Fire Walton

    I'd love to go to a game even though they're not doing well, but I don't think it's safe yet. Apathy has nothing to do with it.
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    That championship season

    On April 21, 1951 -- 70 years ago today -- the Rochester Royals beat the New York Knicks in game 7 of the NBA finals to claim this franchise's only championship. The Royals had defeated the 2-time NBA champion (Minneapolis) Lakers in the West finals. They won the first 3 games over the Knicks...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Hornets 2/28/21, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Was that a Lin or a Woss?
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    [Game] Kings vs. 76ers, 2/9/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    I'm hoping for a win but not expecting one. That was my approach to the Clippers game after they'd pounded us twice, so l was thrilled with the outcome. A top team at full strength looks like maybe too much to ask, but with this team you never know. Go Kings!
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    Forecasting Bagley

    I've always thought his baseball career was a cover-up for a gambling suspension. There were reports about high-stakes gambling just before he announced his "retirement".
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    Buddy Hield CANNOT start.

    Until Haliburton proves himself, Buddy is the starter. If Haliburton is as good as advertised, he and Fox can start later in the season, and Buddy would be devastating as the leader of the second unit. Volume scorer, and his deficiencies in other areas wouldn't be as glaring.
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    Monte McNair Introductory Press Conference, Weds. Sept. 23, 11:30 AM PT

    No way Doc would take the Kings job.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    Thanks - made it visible yesterday.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    My birthday was yesterday. As Bill and Ted would say, "69 dude!". The Rochester Royals won the franchise's only championship in April 1951. They won the west by beating the (Fort Wayne) Pistons and then the (Minneapolis) Lakers. They won the first 3 games against the Knicks but the Knicks won...
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    What are your other favorite pro teams?

    English soccer starts this weekend. My team, Fulham, having won the promotion playoffs, is back in the Prem and I'm looking forward to seeing them on TV on a regular basis. Like the Kings, they're not a big time team. They have had a number of American players in recent years. Brian McBride was...
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    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    So sorry to hear this. I had Georgetown season tickets for the first 2 years of the Patrick Ewing era before moving to Sacramento. The defense his teams played was awesome.
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    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Tips on Watching the Super Bowl from a guy who's seen every one of 'em First of all, the loudest possible shout-out to Lynch, Shanahan, and everyone else off the field for the fastest ever outhouse-to-the-penthouse in history. I've seen the Super Bowl every way you can. If you're going to be...
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    Sean Cunningham on Marvin Bagley

    It's unfortunate such extreme measures are necessary. We all know if someone were to dare to suggest that Bagley might be able to play basketball, then the usual group will come in and call us poopyheads. If someone says the same thing 500 times in a row, it no longer matters what age they are...
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    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Exactly - with me, it usually isn't clear.
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    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    I heard that Viking ships are sailing into SF Bay for some reason. ...