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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    Nico has definitely been a little disappointing after he started extremely hot. He reminds me of Jeremy Lin a little bit, but Lin was more athletic and a better finisher, whereas Mannion has better IQ and passing ability. I agree with you, I'm not sure if he's a starting PG in the NBA. But I...
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    Athletic Article On the Kings Today

    Kings need to fire Vlade. I kept saying this during the 2018 draft.. FOX DID NOT SHOW US ANYTHING TO WARRANT BUILDING AROUND! Fast forward almost 2 years later, and I know every single person here bias aside, would trade our entire roster for Doncic if given the chance. Vlade is a pathetic GM...
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    I seriously hope the Kings fire Vlade sooner than later. I really don't want him to screw up another Kings pick. Not picking Doncic set this team back 10yrs. I have no clue how anyone can trust his evaluation after all of his draft busts. I think the best players in this draft are Anthony...
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    Best coaching candidate for next season?

    I'm done with Luke. Realistically, what's the best coaching candidate for next season?
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    Dedmon Wants Trade

    Buddy goes after coaches. Dedmond wants out... when tf has this happened before? Vlade needs to be gone.
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    The Harry Giles option conundrum

    Here's my speculated theory with absolutely 0 proof that I've echoed for a long time. Harry Giles' potential was always based on his highschool hype. The last time he played healthy basketball was in his junior year of HS. Everything was based off everything his play and hype prior to his...
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    Bagley progress and pending return

    I know he's still recovering from his injury, but he's entering near empty stats territory... His scoring jacks up the flow of the offense. He doesn't pass the ball. He's really bad on defense. I'd like to see more out of him.
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    Bogdan Bewildering Hamstring Article

    Maybe Bogdan playing with Serbia last summer wasn't the best thing for him. Me and many others echoed the idea that he needs a summer to rest and fully get healthy. I understand his love to support his national team, but it really sucks when you see stuff like this come out. It seems like Bogdan...
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    Bagley progress and pending return

    Marvin is pretty tricky. I think you have to make him play within our offense, but he can be an ISO ball stopper. Marvin really needs to learn to play without the ball like Holmes. Pick his open spots on the floor and get there. For a guy as athletic as he is, I don't think he moves well off the...
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    [Game] Portland vs. Kings, Tuesday Nov. 12, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET

    Haven't been watching the game, but let's hope they keep it tight through the 3rd.
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    Kings do not pick up Giles and Caleb team options for next year!

    hrmms, not sure. the obvious favorites this year are the Clippers
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    #FireVlade / #FireWalton

    Entire FO needs to resign. Put a real competent person in charge. This team is going nowhere under this leadership. I can't believe the amounts of people who thought things changed because we won 39 games last year while pretending to act like our assistant GM didn't plot to fire our headcoach...
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    Kings do not pick up Giles and Caleb team options for next year!

    I never bought into Harry Giles' hype. Harry missed his entire rookie year Harry only played 58 games in his first season debut Harry missed the entire SL+Preseason Harry has missed the teams' first 5 games in this season. I can't believe the FO pushed this Harry Giles hype on the fanbase...
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    Bogdanovic reportedly unhappy as a bench player

    I've always called this from the start. Bogdan won't accept a bench role if a) we suck b) he can get a starting role elsewhere