Walton fired


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I’m hoping they name Mark Jones interim coach. He would bring real style back to the sideline. Tailored suits, none of this casual Friday nonsense. Of course he will still need to fulfill his obligations with ESPN, but I’m sure we can find a part time guy to fill in.
Really disappointed they got rid of suits on the sideline before Doug became coach. Dude would’ve been rocking some Clyde Frazier style swag every night.
Yes! Better late than never. And never was starting to look like a real thing. Wonder if this was Monte’s decision, or if there were other factors? (like a meddling owner)
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I have no idea what comes next coaching or roster-wise, but at least when I go to the Lakers game on the 30th I won't have to see Luke on the bench!

I have no idea why we hired him 2 years ago to begin with, but man was that not...helpful.
Hey, they brought in Shaq, so why not Walton. Maybe Robert Horry is available?
It wasn’t all Luke’s fault. The roster is incredibly uneven and frankly we weren’t counting on the massive regression(I think we can call it that at this point, it’s not just a slump anymore) of Fox

But the Kings are better than that road trip, they are too talented for that Toronto game to happen and the team looking unprepared or Ill-prepared has been a feature of his tenure. He’s just not a good head coach. He seems to have no style or guiding philosophy. You don’t know what to expect from his teams..except mediocrity.

Im sure he’ll catch back on with Kerr in the coming years