Kings-Pacers (view from the other side)


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From PacersDigest:

If the Pacers can have the lead at the end of the first I really like the Pacers chances. Or at least be very close.

How much defense does Myles need to play before he is considered useful

Did Collison go to get a hot dog?

Tyreke out here tyreking

Going to win this game with defense
They better tighten it up then lol

A little sloppy, but keep moving the ball to get open shots and the Pacers should be able to pull this out

If not for some nice defensive sequences by Myles, they'd have 70 already. Defense really lacking in 1st half overall.

I love our Bogdanovic, but I really like their's as well. He's got a really good game to watch, super well rounded on offense. I love how he took it to Myles on that layup in the late 3rd.

too bad the other one is bogdan not bojan...we should definitely acquire him if they had the same name...i wonder if any team has ever had players with the same exact first and last name, and how the announcers deal with it
edit: "short bogdanovic to tall bogdanovic for three"
"full head of hair bogie to balding bogie for the layup"

I know there are several here that like CJ's game, but man I think lately he has challenged Reke for most bone headed plays

I love Bojan. Also way to go refs... Cojo's head really sought out contact with Buddy's shoulder.

I swear if Nate brings Tyreke back into this game to close it...

Both teams seem to go from great basketball to bonehead mode on a play-by-play basis haha. It's an interesting game at least, and against a team playing some decent ball recently.

Sabonis afraid of getting his 6th..... with 35 seconds left.

Fox thinks he is Curry or something, giving him an A for confidence

Collison cannot handle the pressure

Glad the shot blocker was in there SMH

This defensive possession will determine the outcome of the game. Please, hold on, Pacers.

We put Myles back in... And he immediately gets dunked on lol
Can't win right now

It was a great look and probably goes in 9 times out of 10. Bummer.

Collison ****ing blowing this game in the clutch in all facets

Scott Foster is such a joke...

Can you imagine if DC would have hit that shot and they then called a jump ball violation. I would have been ****ing pissed.

Bad loss. Offense went full turtle at the end and Nate shoulda recognized that and changed something - anything - to make a difference.

ugh, ****** game...i don't think this sacto team is any good

That was rough. Season defining loss. No excuses for the draught. This team is garbage and Nate is an absolute joke, all we needed was a bucket?? We had them beat for 3 strait minutes??? Put in Thad, create a mismatch, call TO. WTF. Vic smiling and joking as we lose? If they dont care why should anyone?

As much as it pains me to say it, he shoulda tried going with Tyreke down the stretch. Cory and DC couldnt create any space and neither was going to even attempt to finish in the lane.

Have you seen all the ridiculously bad turnovers Evans has had when it wasn't crunch time? He can't even handle the pressure of dribbling in the 1st quarter right now.

At least collison hit a 3 down the stretch because no one else scored for over 3 minutes. This loss is on Nate. How could you not make an adjustment when u fail 5 possessions in a row to get a 6 pt cushion that would end this game. Instead he let them gain momentum by cutting it to 2. Dude has no feel for the game. Reminded me of Vogal keeping the unit out there vs raptors in the playoffs when Stucky fell out of bounds.
Collison did choke at the end of the game. I haven't watched him play much in Indiana, but I don't think he's ever gotten the amount of respect he deserves.

Lower end starter at a fair price. Nothing wrong with that for bang for the buck.
The most confusing part in reading the game thread was realizing they call Bojan "Bogie." Just another reason why I think "Bogs" is much better. :p
The Art Of The Nickname needs to have a revival. Short handles based on the guy's name are fine. They're good. Makes the player feel like a friend. But someone needs to come along and really juice things up.

Dr. J
The Mailman
Thunder Dan (Majerle)
Dollar Bill (Bradley)
Clyde the Glide

Perhaps we can revive this ancient art, and players can have multiple.
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We need to have a vote on his name lol. I like Bogie bc it is a blip on a radar indicating a hostile fighter jet or missile, but you're not sure what it might do!