H. Barnes is going to stay around a while 85M/4yrs


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What "big haul" were you expecting anyways?
Wasn't. Fact still is they didn't get one though so the best bet is via trade. The biggest haul the Kings have gotten was by holding on to the cap space they had last year. I think it would be wise to forgo anymore stopgap measures and hang onto that flexibility. By then you'll know where your team stands with the young guys improvement and other teams will know where they stand with their attempts to compete now.
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Harrison Barnes opting out of $25M turned out be a smart move. Despite a $7M haircut this year, Barnes is guaranteed $66M in new money over year 2-4. Something that was not guaranteed if he suffered an injury this season.

66??? Guatanteed?
Yep I see DD as the starting center with Bagley the starting 4.
I was thinking that if we replaced WCS with a middle of the road type player in a guy like Dedmon then Giles shoul dbe starting before the end of the year. Dedmon is not the answer. I see people saying we need a better C to make the playoffs and Dedmon is not that player. Hopefully Giles is starting by the end of the year.


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not the biggest Barnes fan but since he is here for the next couple of seasons, I wish him nothing but success and hopefully he fits in nicely with the Kings core.

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Wow, great point, did not think of this at all!
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