[Grades] Grades vs. Celtics, 11/01/17

When will the Kings win their next game?

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Same thing we've been seeing with different levels of sucktitude from nearly everyone.

Willie with one attempt at a lay up. One of the tallest, longest guys in the league and he flutters around the high post all game like he's Raef Lafrentz. Except Lafrentz was a hell of a shot blocker in his prime.

Good to see Hield get some points up on the board. Hopefully his ankle isn't too bad. He filled up the box score but unfortunately he also filled it up with a handful of awful passes that gave them a ton of points.

Fox didn't have a good game but he's getting the rookie treatment on those drives to the rim. The refs just refuse to call fouls against him sometimes.

Way too many missed shots by everyone. These guys are supposed to be average to above average shooters. I guess age has something to do with it so we will have to be patient with that.

Kudos to Joerger for bringing off the bench and playing a little less high post. Now lets take out even more of the high post so we can have a chance at scoring 100 points one of these games.
D: Fox: Irving and Smart made sure he had no easy path to the basket and cut off all lanes. Became one dimensional
C: Hill: Started off with a nice 1st Qtr and Disappeared the rest of the game
C: Randolph: Helped to keep the Kings close in the 1st Qtr. Defensively a sieve.
F: WCS: 3 rebounds and 2 pts. Time is running out on this guy .
C-: Temple: Solid Defense. Does not offer anything else.
C: Jackson: Looks completely overwhelmed. Had 5 pts, but should be in the D league. Not sure if he's an NBA talent.
C: Skal: Hit a few shots in garbage time.
C-: Hield: Had 17 pts against the Celtics 7-11. Was a ghost the rest of the game.
F: Koufas: 6 pts and 3 rebounds.
F: Carter: 9 minutes is way too much
Inc: Mason: Nothing to see there
C: Malachi: Garbage time pts.
Well, my guess would be the team is working on they're game and getting experience. The thing I noticed is they are playing hard. Ya they don'y look all that good on the road against that type of competition. But it is early and these young players aren't used to this. At least that is what I'm thinking. I still enjoyed watching them play. I'm hoping that by mid season they will improve quite a bit.
Wow, this team is booty. WCS was a terrible lottery pick, like I've been saying for years...he just has a perpetually stoned, beta mentality. And I really hate our vets, they look like they cashed in their retirement checks the minute they were signed. Randolph brings all the negatives that Cousins had but has 1/100th of the talent at this point...thanks Joerger/Vlade. We should have just brought back Collison and Tolliver to be mentors.

My teams are the Kings, Giants, and Niners, smh....I'm having a hard time figuring out which one of them has been uglier to watch this year. At least the Dodgers lost tonight, though.
Tetsu, if you actually write out grades for these scrub-a-dubs you're a dang saint!

Negativity aside, I actually think Buddy started to turn it around a bit this game. The bench is good for him. The TOs were awful though. Please don't try to dribble anymore, Buddy.
The Kings were within a few points at the end of the 1st quarter. The starting unit and first level of bench players kept it close that long. That is an accomplishment for a young team with a few Vets that are not used to playing together.

I enjoy watching them play as long as I keep my expectations in check:)
Lots to be disappointed about, but it all comes down to your expectations. I’m trying to keep mine in check so I can just enjoy watching them play and grow.
I said I’d give WCS the season to prove his worth, but it may not take a whole season if he doesn’t change his current trajectory.
I did not see this game, but looked at the box score only. How can the Kings get outrebounded 52 to 26? That shows a complete lack of effort. The offense is struggling to get to 90 points. The Kings are in disaray at the moment, and just going through the motions. They have no confidence and are not even playing hard. They can start by rebounding and playing defense. Hopefully the offense will sort it self out.
Finally saw a few offensive sets where the cutters and screeners where running full speed instead of moving at the "practice" jogging speed. Looked good....didnt last long though. Guessing this is part of the learning curve as many guys are having to think through what they want to do and unsure about their teammates. Imagine the offense is intended to be difficult to force the young guys to develope skills that will lead to winning basketball in the future. But rough until they reach that point.
He is going to be bought out. Plus he is a Free Agent this summer. So he signs with a contender now or in the off season. So whoever you trade for Okafor is a gift to the 76ers.
I don’t just say this as a detractor of his, but we are headed, with current play, to the final year we just picked up not being positive value
Can papa G really be any more worst than willie?
Nope. But Willie gives the illusion of being better with his more fluid movements and bursts of potential and athleticism.

When PapaG is bad, he looks awful and clumsy and uncoordinated while doing it so he draws far more negative attention to himself.

Either way.... Bad is bad is bad, no matter how you look doing it. I'd sure as hell rather see PapaG than any other big on the Kings not named Skal or Giles. At least Papa has that fire inside of him that this team desperately needs.
1. We cant shoot 43% fg and 6 3pt made
2 We cant defend the three Celtics made 17 3pt shots
3. We cant rebound 26 us 52 Celtics

We suck at all three = Loss
I don't get why our 3 point shooting is so bad, and why our guards refuse to take open perimeter shots. Looking at you Buddy and George. We're not going to win playing WCS at the high post where he gives us 2 points a game while simultaneously having no outside threats
Hill is best when playing 50/50 on/off the ball. Seems like when he's out there, he's being made the primary ball handler. Even when Fox is with him, Joerger has Fox play off the ball more than Hill. Seems like a backwards use of your talent. Buddy has just been missing everything. Bogdan's 3 point shot has been way off but he could also be running on tired legs after a full season in the euroleague. We may have to wait until next year to see his true potential.