Grades against the Nuggets

It was one of a few games I had the opportunity to watch because of the time difference. So, here are my grades:

The Coach
The team played hard, did not panic when the opponent was hitting shots and led by double digits most of the first half. It was an excellent effort, team continued to play hard despite the cold shooting. The brilliant strategy of isolating Barns against smaller defenders (mostly Burton). Grade: A

The great defense as usual, against the Nuggets' best perimeter scorer. Hit a timely 3. Stayed in front of Murrey at the end of regulation. Grade: B

Ice cold shooting until the crunch time. Garry Haris scored with no resistance in the first half. The good sign is that Buddy was patient, continued shooting but did not force shot or dribbling. Played better defense in the second half, rebounded, and hit big shots at the end of regulation that kept us in the game. Grade: B-

The King of the game. He did everything. Without his great play, it would be blowout loss. Took advantage of smaller defenders. Scored 30 points against one of the best defense in the league right now. It helped that the Nuggets put their best defender (Harris) on Buddy. Played 43 minutes. The team was +17 with him on the floor, -14 in 8 minutes he was on the bench. Grade: A+

Did not shoot well. Had a few (too many) turnovers. Great effort on defense and rebounding. Battled against a good rebounding team, kept in check red-hot Milsap (this season), usual good help defense from him. Challenged shots, gave us many second-chance opportunities on offense. Grade: B
Mr. Holmes

A great defense against not only the best center in the NBA last year but also a very good help defense. Did not allow Jokic to outmuscle outweigh him, kept position and prevented Jokic to score from his favorite spots around the rim. Great block on Murrey to prevent the potential game-winning shot. Played his role on offense, was highly efficient. We were +21 with him on the floor. Fouled out in OT. Grade: A

He played despite injury again. Unfortunately, we can't win without his contribution when Fox is out. Ice cold shooting, but good effort on defense and good passing. Grade: C

Played 10 minutes. Good effort as the rest of the team. Scored after the team went scoreless for a couple of minutes if I remember well. Grade: Incomplete

The effort, focus, determination, confidence, impressive for a second-round pick playing one of his first career games in the NBA. Cold shooting as the rest of the team. Grade: B

I had to look at the box score to grade him, which is good because he did not have dumb turnovers, but also bad because he was pretty much invisible in his 12 minutes on the court. Grade: incomplete

Feel free to challenge/discuss or write down your own grades.
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rosa u podne Nice work with the grades. I agree with your points. Here are a few I can elaborate on.

Mr. Holmes has been such a breath of fresh air hustling and playing hard nosed defense. His ability to switch out and then get back to his man is about as good as I have seen.

Coach Walton is turning out to be as advertised. He has been there and done that as a Coach with the Warriors and as a Player with the Lakers. Young enough to relate to the Players but yet very experienced.

Harrison Barnes has been delivering in the paint. Big enough to crunch smaller wings, yet mobile enough to dodge the Trees.
Thanks for examining this game closer. It is a good one to learn from. I agree that coaching was at a high level.
Barnes showed why we worked so hard to keep him. I have wanted this guy since he was a rookie.
Great to see recognition of Mr. Holmes. That is what I call him.
Joseph brings a level of defense in the backcourt we have not seen except in short bursts by Da Fox.
Thanks for your effort.

I agree with the B for JJ. Overeager at times is typical of new players. I was just thinking that from a guy who was a big question mark at the beginning of the season, any contribution at all is an A+. What a great addition to the team.
Compared to expectations before the season started, his contribution is A++ :) However, I raised my expectations after recently watching him play extended minutes.
I only take issue with Buddy’s grade, and even then it’s fairly minor (from B- to C). His gave us energy all night, but was a D until he finally began scoring at the end. WTF is happening with Buddy’s ups and downs this year?!
Shooters go through slumps.. I have been trying to watch his release carefully to see if anything looks different but generally it looks fine. My guess is he's just rushing or thinking too much with the increased pressure on him. His attempts from the top of the key while trying to draw fouls have really imbalanced form though.