"Curse of the Cow Bell"?

ESPN needs to step it up. 55 curses? Come on guys, get real. This list is about 50 curses too long. As a result, this is one of the dumbest articles I've read, ever.
Lame... and he neglects to mention the one REAL curse that's acknowledged and feared by NBA GMs:

The curse of Chucky Brown!!!


i believe in curses. But there curse is over the lakers arent the lakers any more. No shaq no horry no fox no fisher no phil. Its kindof sad because every year i always look forward to finally beating the lakers and i will never see it happen.
those were really stupid. the curse of the cowbell??? COME ON!

the giants one was even worse. the curse of some guy??? gee at least call it the curse of san francisco ( never winning one since coming to SF)

dumb dumb dumb. how about saying they jsut weren't good enough?? like the cubs. they aren't cursed, they just SUCK. they CHOKE. no excuses.