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  1. HndsmCelt

    Rest in Peace Mark Eaton

  2. HndsmCelt

    Bobby Jackson named head coach of the Stockton Kings

    Congratulations Bobby! I like the idea of Jackson getting time as a head coach. Let's see what he's got!
  3. HndsmCelt

    Coin flip day today.

    I'll take it Lets hope we bump up in the top 4!
  4. HndsmCelt

    Kings Roster next season

    You miss my point. Monte TRIED to sign and trade Bogi and given the situation it was the smart play.
  5. HndsmCelt

    Kings Roster next season

    Perhaps I missed your sarcasm. I was in general responding to the odd belief that letting Bogi walk was a horrible disaster of unforgivable proportions.
  6. HndsmCelt

    Kings Roster next season

    You make large assumptions about Bogi's willingness to stay, Walton's ability to use Bogi and you overlook the opportunity cost of keeping him on the squad. If Kings kept Bogi and Buddy there are serious potential issues with extending Fox and no playing time for Halliburton. Once Tyrese slipped...
  7. HndsmCelt

    Kings Roster next season

    I tend to agree but I will point out that in 3 years that 10-11 mil contract may be a nice piece for trades either as ender or a relative cheap deal if wages inflate a bit more for bigs.
  8. HndsmCelt

    What If?

    Well at least for a few hours it was nice to read a thread about the Kings winning games from excited posters enjoying watchin their team playing good basketball, letting new players show their hops and winning games...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Thunder, 5/11/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    "Soft Tissue" might be the best nickname for Bagley
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    Congrats, Coach Harding!

    Congrats Lindsey!
  11. HndsmCelt

    Fox update

    Yep, he makes brilliant decisions on the court not so much when it comes to Covid.
  12. HndsmCelt

    New Head Coach options

    That is my fear. GM's frequently go with what they know and Mike over al win loss is 672 to 527... not overly exciting but to an ownership group who has not seen a head coach with a winning record sing George Karl grifted is way in the door it might be impressive. For the record I'd take Tibbs...
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    Bagley’s worth now

    Dope slapping Luka for crying to refs would go far in my book... just saying
  14. HndsmCelt

    Bagley’s worth now

    I have been fairly critical of Marvin all along and am still not sold on him, but I have to say give the guy a break. He is a 22 year old player who played 62 games his first season, 20 his second and about 20 this year. That is a sample size of about 100 games! Maybe he is made of glass and...
  15. HndsmCelt

    [Game] Kings Vs. OKC Tuesday May, 4 5PM PT, 8PM ET

    I never start the game thread but some one had to. Looks like Wright will get to start so The Thunder are probably hitting up school yards looking for guys who might take a 10 day contract. May the 4th be with you
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    Fire Walton

  17. HndsmCelt

    [Game] Kings vs Jazz, Wednesday April 28th, 7 PM Pacific (10 PM Eastern)

    only 2 more quarters of abuse to go
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    Things you would change about the NBA

    I would worry about every star pump faking/taking 3's half the game except I realized that Slim also wants to end the 3 point shot entirely.
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    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    One of the most fun sci-fi shows in a while is Resident Alien on sci-fi. They just wrapped up season 1 but I'm sure it's still around binge