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  1. OptimusRhyme

    The Hip-Hop Thread

    ODB was the heart of Wu bruh lol.. how can you not love him? "GHOST. FACE. KILLAHHHHHHHHHHHHARGHHHHHHHHH AHHHHhhhhhh" i'll leave out Shook ones & Survival of the fittest Quiet Storm Its Mine ft Nas G.O.D Part 3 Killaz Theme ft Cormega Street Life Who's yur top ten fav artists?
  2. OptimusRhyme

    The Hip-Hop Thread

    Saw them live in detroit bout 15 years ago .. right after ODB passed away tho.. :( Meth climbed up a 40 foot speaker and was rapping on it while it swayyed back and forth.. was insane lol. I'll list my solo favs Gza- Breaker Breaker Ghostface- Mighty Healthy ODB- Brooklyn Zoo Raekwon-...
  3. OptimusRhyme

    The Hip-Hop Thread

    All time fav underground album is Edan - Beauty & The Beat chk out "Beauty" & "Torture Chamber"
  4. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Kings vs. Lakers, 4/2/2021, 7pm PST 10pm EST

    i swear sometimes i feel like the universe created the kings just to eff with my heart
  5. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Kings vs. Cavaliers 3/37/2021 7pm PST 10pm EST

    and boom goes the dynamite
  6. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Kings vs. Warriors, 3/25/21, 7pm PST 10pm EST

    prime vince couldnt of got that buddy lob
  7. OptimusRhyme

    Kings Get Terrance Davis (for a 2nd)

    I like this move the best, i live near T-dot, so ive seen him play a lot. He easily catches fire from three. Steal imo.
  8. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Kings vs. Blazers, 1/9/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    if covid dosent kill me the boredom from this game will
  9. OptimusRhyme

    Tyrese Haliburton

    um.. i think i'm all out bro.. but i find it Hali-rious that he fell to 12! :)
  10. OptimusRhyme

    Looking at Bagley and Haliburton...

    haha, i would if i had a twitter!
  11. OptimusRhyme

    Looking at Bagley and Haliburton...

    'Tyreese's Pieces! handin out dimes like candy! Delicious!' 'The Haligators got some bite! snappin' on the opposition!' 'Ohhhhh!!!! Halifornia Dreamin!!! They better call their 'Mama's & Papas'!
  12. OptimusRhyme

    Looking at Bagley and Haliburton...

    Halifornia Goggles Daddy Dimes Papa Pass Tyreeses Pieces Haliburt Reynolds
  13. OptimusRhyme

    Get Lu Dortz to the Kings

    ATL has like a million wings, Kings should go for Huerter.
  14. OptimusRhyme

    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    My favourite rapper of all time :( RIP
  15. OptimusRhyme

    [Game] Preseason Game 2: Kings @ Blazers 12/13/20, 6PM pst, 9PM est

    zero turnovers for Haliburton, he could of easily had 10 + assists. Metu looks nice!
  16. OptimusRhyme

    Potential draft picks.

    I definitely wouldn't of bumped if Davis sucked! haha every raps game I watch he kills it, hes a great per minute player. Im happy with Justin James aswell but Kings could of had James and Davis! Can we trade Vlade and some second rounders for Masai? Or just hire me to oversee all future moves?
  17. OptimusRhyme

    Potential draft picks.

  18. OptimusRhyme

    Potential draft picks.

    Davis lighting it up, wish we took him!