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  1. EIM86

    Kings at 9

    Tied for 8th would be something very un-Sacramento like so I’m crossing my fingers that we get that
  2. EIM86

    [Game] Kings vs. Thunder, 5/11/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    The bet ends here today!
  3. EIM86

    Kings at 9

    I think we had the 6th easiest remaining schedule so it’s ehhhh
  4. EIM86

    [Game] Kings Vs. Thunder, Sunday May 9th, 7 PM Pacific (10 PM Eastern)

    Will be scoreboard watching for the bet!
  5. EIM86

    New Head Coach options

  6. EIM86

    Fire Walton

    Oh hmm Im a pass on Hammon lol
  7. EIM86

    New Head Coach options

    I’ll take an over .500 coach any day here lol
  8. EIM86

    Fire Walton

  9. EIM86

    Letting Holmes walk.

    I’m cool with letting Holmes walk. Too expensive and not big enough for rim protecting. We can draft Kai Jones who is younger, taller, can hit the 3, and a good slasher for a big man. Will need to bulk up but that’s doable if he earns it
  10. EIM86

    2021 Draft prospects

    We ain’t gonna get a top 10 from The way it looks. I say go with Kai Jones. Tons of potential but raw
  11. EIM86

    New Head Coach options

  12. EIM86

    Fire Walton

    D’Antoni Bucks coach getting fired if they don’t at least make ECF Terry Stotts Who else is available?
  13. EIM86

    [Game] Kings at Pacers, Wednesday May 5th, 5 PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern)

    Looks like we got a chance to make the play in KANGZZZZZZZZZ
  14. EIM86

    Kings at 9

    Hello 11th pick smh
  15. EIM86

    Hali Update

    Yup thank god Pelicans beat the dubs. We gotta lose out if we want to maintain even 8th but that ain’t happening
  16. EIM86

    [Game] Kings Vs. OKC Tuesday May, 4 5PM PT, 8PM ET

    If we can SOMEHOW lose this game that’ll give me a glimmer of hope to maintain possibly 8th
  17. EIM86

    [Game] Kings @ Mavs, Sunday May 2nd, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

    Yes, you are correct
  18. EIM86

    [Game] Kings @ Mavs, Sunday May 2nd, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

    Logically speaking you’re right but it’s the Kangz~~~. We ain’t expecting logical results lol
  19. EIM86

    [Game] Kings @ Mavs, Sunday May 2nd, 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern

    Same thing every year. We need a top 4 pick in my opinion to have a chance to even make the play in next year