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    Upgrade Cojo

    I like Delon Wright like others do, but he can't be wearing #55 on the Kings if he comes here.
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    Upgrade Cojo

    The Knicks are full of guards/PGs to choose from. NY will hang onto Barrett and Quickley, but they also have Elfrid Payton, Ntilikina, and Austin Rivers.
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    I like Obi Toppin. He doesn't get a lot of talk but he passes all the eye tests. Watching video of him, he is active and smart on both offense and defense. He can shoot the three. He has good post moves. He is strong and lanky at the same time. A common theme in his highlights is him running...
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    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    The "wanted Luka" story is a project of Kings PR. Don't forget that he compared Bagley to Durant. Be careful of what you read locally. There's very few authentic voices. And fwiw, most people wanted Luka and I doubt Walton is any different. Luka is ROTY and very good. It's a sign that this is...
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors - Thursday, Feb. 21 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    There's more going on here. Sac has this match whenever they want it. Buddy wide open. Chirpin bout nothing.
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    Post National Media Coverage Here

    Felt like commenting on this, so be patient with my wall of text. A year or so back, you could tell Bill hadn't been watching as much NBA. I think he really got into the NFL and lightened up his basketball diet. As well, when he left ESPN and did TheRinger, he surrounded himself with Yes Men...
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    More to come?

    Kanter was an option due to team's rebounding issues. When they play Bagley/Giles the rebounding improves. Having more size at the wing will help there as well. (Burks has high rebounding rate for his size) What the team lost is energy guys, so that is what I'd be looking for if I'm GM. That...
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    Vlade Divac

    I think this sort of chemistry test was probably a year away from being the right move, but I hope I'm wrong.
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    SF Trades

    I am not sure Ariza fits at this point. I would think a big man would be the acquisition if there's another move. Willie is just not reliable.
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    JJackson, Zbo to Dallas for Harrison Barnes

    What did ESPN not like about the trade btw?
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    JJackson, Zbo to Dallas for Harrison Barnes

    Lebron getting wrecked for that dumb IG.
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    JJackson, Zbo to Dallas for Harrison Barnes

    The team needed a real SF. I'm just not a fan of Barnes. It also cost JJ. Jackson isn't vital, but what happened is that the Kings still only have one legit SF. They just upgraded the one SF they had. And I wonder where Barnes is mentally. As I've said, no team has been sad to lose him. I...
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    Kings trade Shumpert

    They still matter. It works like this: You still need ball handling, passing, playmaking and some speed. You still need in-between size guys who can defend, score and shoot. You still need big guys to rebound and handle the paint. Sometimes you get guys who are of good size and can do many of...
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    Kings trade Shumpert

    I don't get it. I don't dislike Burks. I also don't dislike Shump. Iman is great for chemistry. Alec isn't a SF so that need is still apparent. At first glance, it appears lateral from a talent standpoint and backwards from a chemistry standpoint. Even if you aren't resigning Shump, it was...
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    What Deal Would You Make for Otto Porter?

    That is a salary dump where the Wiz have an option to extend Portis. I don't see how the Kings salary dump + Skal (or even Willie) isn't equal or better. Either the Wiz were asking for Willie and the Kings thought that was too much. (A mistake by Kings.) OR the Wiz wanted Bogi in which I'd...
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    SF Trades

    This isn't an official media guy or anything, but if his math is correct then I do expect Miami to dump that 1.2 million somehow to get clear of the tax. Since Jones Jr is out for six weeks, then that probably means finding someone to absorb McGruder. Problem for Kings is that they have no...
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    SF Trades

    Gallo could cost nothing but an expiring.
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    SF Trades

    Philly gave up a lot for Harris. Really interesting move by the Clips.
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    SF Trades

    I predicted this earlier. A casualty of needing to pay Middleton.
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    What should and what will the Kings do?

    I don't like the Harrison Barnes option. The Porter option doesn't seem to be there. I do like TRoss, but depends on what it costs. I think one of the better options may be clearing a roster space with a trade for any sort of pick compensation, then picking up one of the buyout players. (Which...