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  1. DesertFox

    Marvin Bagley unbreaks hand!

    I have not seen that reporting on Belly. The only known pouting has come from Bagley's inner circle, if not Bagley himself.
  2. DesertFox


    Fit and role matter. The mediocre shooting non-defender role was filled by Bagley.
  3. DesertFox

    21/22 Off Season predictions

    They really need to hit big on one of the next 2 draft picks and get an unexpected jump from one of the young 2nd rounders. Now that Fox is on his big contract, they really can't go more than 2-3 years with a rebuild if he is to be the guy.
  4. DesertFox

    Kinda missing Frank Kaminsky...........but we have Bjelica

    Belly does everything he does, but better. Kaminski is a little bigger, but not a better defender. If they traded Belly or never signed Whiteside, he could've had a spot warming the bench. Otherwise, he's essentially another GR3/Parker. Doesn't contribute to winning, not a future piece, and no...
  5. DesertFox

    Beli requests trade, possible trades?

    If they stay in the fringes of the playoff race, they should just trade him for whatever they can get. He isn't part of the future, and is just a spot minute player as long as HB and Bags are healthy. But now that they're in the playoff race, it feels like they're always leaving something on...
  6. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. 76ers, 2/9/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    What is this rain
  7. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. 76ers, 2/9/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Philly announcers are gushing over the Kings.
  8. DesertFox

    Fire Walton

    Looks like Monte will have to force the hand for Guy by moving Cojo. While I would love to see Woodward/Ramsey, I can understand working 2nd round picks without a training camp slowly. Hopefully they can ease into 15 minute roles by the seasons end.
  9. DesertFox

    Can Fox become in future as good as Lillard?

    Sure, Fox has a shot at having a Lillard-like impact, just because he is so talented. But right now, he is closer to CJ McCollum in terms of value. Dame takes and makes difficult threes, gets to the line and hits his FT, and makes plays for teammates. Everything Fox is good at, Dame still does...
  10. DesertFox

    Harrison Barnes 2020/21

    Its still very early in the season, but he is actually playing like the above average forward he was made out to be when he was added.
  11. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    I hope they keep him if they think he can still develop. If the Kings trade Bagley, I'll be disappointed only in Bagley for not showing the team he has the upside worth keeping. His draft slot no longer matters, he must be looked at for who he is. They've had him for 2 and a half years, and if...
  12. DesertFox

    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    I believe he works hard, I just don't know what he works hard at. Like how he spent his off-season working out with his brother and dad. One on one and post moves? Horse?
  13. DesertFox

    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    He was the main man off the bench, mostly attacking second units. Now he's the 3rd or 4th option on offense, mostly battling starters. If the goal is to develop Bagley, then I'm fine with him starting and seeing what happens. I'm skeptical, but there's not much to lose if this is a rebuilding...
  14. DesertFox

    Get Lu Dortz to the Kings

    OKC's window is when Buddy's contract ends, so the Kings would have to pay a lot. And if Dortz's shooting is just a hot start, there is so much risk in what the price of a trade is. I'd rather the Kings find their own Lou Dortz. They got a few athletic young wings they can work with.
  15. DesertFox

    Jabari Opted In

    I would put him behind Bagley, Belly, Barnes, Woodward, DQJ, GR3, and Metu, in terms of who I want to see get minutes at the 4.
  16. DesertFox

    DQJ out indefinitely

    If the key rotation role line is accurate, I wonder if Haliburton would have initially seen the same big role if DQJ was healthy. Maybe that's where Cojo's minutes have been from. Because GR3 hasn't gotten much run as the 10th guy.
  17. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. Nuggets, 12/29/20, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    Bombs away rook.
  18. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. Nuggets, 12/29/20, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    Glad to see Holmes got his touch back
  19. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. Suns, 12/27/20 6PM PST, 9PM EST

    His ill advised drives always come when he doesn't get a shot up for a while.
  20. DesertFox

    [Game] Kings vs. Suns, 12/27/20 6PM PST, 9PM EST

    They're just playing like a solid team on both sides.