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  1. AleksandarN

    Fire Walton

    Watch this video. This guy is gold. (Warning language) go to the 21:38 mark
  2. AleksandarN

    Marvin Bagley breaks hand again

    Current pic of Bagley leaving the game
  3. AleksandarN

    [Stein] The NBA has opened an investigation of the reported transaction involving Milwaukee and Sacramento

    Better yet they should ban Vivek from the Kings for a year. I can get behind that
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    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

  5. AleksandarN

    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

  6. AleksandarN


    You forgot drafting darko
  7. AleksandarN

    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    RIP James Lipton
  8. AleksandarN

    The Harry Giles option conundrum

    Physicals are usually for insurance I wouldn't be surprised if he can play 30 minutes a game and still fail his physical because of his knees. I would be surprised if he gets a big payday this offseason.
  9. AleksandarN

    The Harry Giles option conundrum

    We don’t even know if he would pass a physical come off season. What if he doesn’t pass then what? Who will offer him a contract above 4 million. I imagine that could hamper any Possible long term deal he could sign. Also I can’t see a team would take the he risk of a long term contract...
  10. AleksandarN

    Big (Man) Love, 2019-20 season

    Against the best defensive player in the league
  11. AleksandarN

    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    This is what I remember Kirk for
  12. AleksandarN

    Kings need to move on from Barnes.

    Would you do a Wiggins for Barnes deal? At least Wiggins would fit a lot better with Fox
  13. AleksandarN

    Dedmon Wants Trade

    Even kellerman is getting annoying. Loved his analysis on boxing but it seems like he trying hard to match Smith and it comes out slimy and whinny. I am starting to dislike him which is too bad as I like him covering boxing
  14. AleksandarN

    A Decade of Picks. Good Riddance

    Thinking about draft picks I wonder what kind of budget and support the kings dedicate to scouting. I would not be surprised if we are one of lowest in the league when it comes to budget for scouting.
  15. AleksandarN

    Buddy Hield: Kings have trust issues

    I guess we should be playing deadmon then instead of him earning his minutes
  16. AleksandarN

    Is Bogs breaking down in front of us?

    That doesn't make any sense. As a matter of fact it is the complete opposite. Needs to play less when injured. Rest completely until 100 percent and that's including not playing in the summer with Serbia
  17. AleksandarN

    [Game] Kings at Spurs, Friday December 6, 5:30 PM PT/8:30 PM ET

    The sad thing is if Cojo would pass it out more it would open his game a lot.
  18. AleksandarN

    Managerial decisions cost Kings last two games.

    That’s why this is the only kings forum I go to in last 20 years. Beside the bleachermob forum way back in the day (I miss fireplug and the crew.)
  19. AleksandarN

    [Game] Kings @ Celtics, Monday, Nov. 25 - 4:30 PT, 7:30 ET

    In a game like this you can only be hopeful about the future. Think about this two of our best players are not on the court and the third had his worse shooting game of the season yet we were ONE point ONE from a 10 and 4 team. When we get everyone back watch out.
  20. AleksandarN

    [Game] Kings vs Suns, Tuesday Nov. 19, 7 PM PT/10 PM ET

    I was wrong not even the first lost. Lol