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    Barnes and Boston

    If I were the Kings I would rather roll the dice with Langford or Nesmith over PP. I like PP and he’s a nice player right now, his ceiling is just low
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    Barnes and Boston

    I dont think the Kings and Celtics are good trade partners. I don't think Barnes as a 4th option on the Celtics moves the needle all that much. I also think at the end of the day you can get a young player and pick for Barnes at next years deadline. Kings should hold onto Barnes unless they get...
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    Doc Rivers?

    Doc quit on the Celtics. No thanks
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    Eastern Conference Playoffs, semifinals

    Boston vs Miami will be a great series
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

    Marcus Smart should have got more votes for DPOY. The guy brings it every night. He’s a really fun player to watch on the defensive side of the ball
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    Could Fox and *Lonzo* Ball coexist?

    No I wouldn't trade Bagley for the 15th pick this year. Yes he gets hurt but I'm still holding out hope he can help you more then what the 15th pick can do for you. If you pick around 15 usually if you get a role player there you're doing pretty good. I still have hope Bagley will be more than a...
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    Could Fox and *Lonzo* Ball coexist?

    Curious would you take a late first or a couple of seconds for Bagley? I'm down on Bagley and no way would I take a late first for him.
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    Could Fox and *Lonzo* Ball coexist?

    A late first for Ball? I must be higher on him than most but I don’t think NO even answers the phone if that’s the offer. Ball is 22 years old and has been pretty good since coming into the NBA. I would be shocked if a team could have Ball for a late first. IMO file this under far fetched idea
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    Who would you hire as the new Kings GM?

    Excellent list. I like everyone but Perry
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    Joe Dumars?

    I don't think Dumars is the guy but maybe he is and I'm wrong. At the very least I would like to see the Kings interview multiple candidates
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    Joe Dumars?

    Unfortunately I don't think most on this board saw this outcome. Hopefully the people that have been label "haters" for foreseeing this outcome are still around on
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    Following Potential *2020* Draftees

    We need to be more realistic with trades. I get it Markkanen might have bad blood and is due for an extension but do you think the best the Bulls could get for him is a journeyman bench player and the 12th pick in a bad draft? Do you really think no other team would offer better than that? I...
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    The State of the Kings

    I would rather have Hayward than Buddy too but let’s look at it from the Celtics side. Why on earth would they want to do this? They just paid Jaylen Brown and Kemba and will have Tatum due up soon for a max contract. Buddy isn’t even in year one of his new contract and it already looks like...
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    The Harry Giles option conundrum

    Good catch!
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    The Harry Giles option conundrum

    looks like Harry is spending sometime with Tatum in Boston
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    Buddy gone?

    I would love Myles Turner. As someone said above he would be a great fit next to Bagley and is on a really friendly team contract. He would be better with the Kings because he would have a bigger role here than he does in Indiana. To get a good player you have to give up good assets. No team is...
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (MAR-TBD)

    I know you aren't a Kings fan but did you think it was ****ed up that Vlade got this GM job with no experience?
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    Buddy gone?

    I get it, I understand why Sabonis and Turner don’t work. Do you really think Buddy is the best thing Indiana could get for him? Buddy is older, makes more money and would be coming off their bench. Doesn’t seem like a smart trade for Indiana
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    Buddy gone?

    I like Turner, would love him here but why would they trade their starting young center in a great contract for a 27 year old player with a contact that a lot of people would consider bad to come off their bench. He wouldn’t start over Oladipo and 20+ million, for a bench player thats a lot. I...
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    Kings trade Dedmon for Parker and Len (merged)

    To whoever told me they could see Dedmon going back to Atlanta when I didn’t think they would have any interest in him, you were right. Wish I knew what poster called me out on it