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  1. Jkbiker

    [Game] Kings vs. Lakers, 3/3/21, 7pm PST 10pm EST

  2. Jkbiker

    Trade target or ‘21 FA target thread

    I see it as the cost of dumping Love's contract
  3. Jkbiker

    Trade target or ‘21 FA target thread

    Maybe instead of Cojo give them Beli and Jeffries Fox,Cojo,Guy,Ramsey Hali,PorterJr,James Barnes,GRIII,Woodard Bagley,Love,Parker Allen,Holmes,Whiteside,Meto Plus 2 1st rd picks next year
  4. Jkbiker

    Trade target or ‘21 FA target thread

    So Cavs want to trade Porter Jr along with a big man Kings trade Buddy and Cojo 37.6m for Love, Allen, and Porter Jr 37.2m and 1st rd pick Both Buddy and Love each have 60mil on future years Cavs - gets rid of Love contract, and malcontent Porter and gets Buddy shooting Kings - gets rid of...
  5. Jkbiker

    Trade target or ‘21 FA target thread

    Houston wants 3 2nd rd picks for PJ Tucker Dont we have a ton of 2nd rd picks just sitting around? Beli for Tucker about same salary, both enders Help fixes defensive woes and maybe a little better on offense too?
  6. Jkbiker

    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/15/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Leonard has 2 3s gets fouled at 3 pt line and he gets around Bagley for a layup I’m confused that’s good D by Bagley?
  7. Jkbiker

    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/15/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    No Whiteside but no Beverly no Williams good for our guards but can Barnes and Bagley slow up Leonard and George? Not sure about that
  8. Jkbiker

    [Game] Kings vs. Pacers, 1/12/2021, 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Screaming Whiteside at the screen
  9. Jkbiker

    [Game] Kings vs. Raptors, 1/8/2021 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    I’m with Slab! Holmes and Bagley could not stop Siakim or Boucher down low Why no Whiteside ? He should have slowed them down low. Luke stayed with small ball all night. WTF Luke! Buddy and Belicia sucked. He should have put Tyrese on Van Vleet all night! Or small ball lineup could not play...
  10. Jkbiker

    Olden Polynice on Marvin Bagley

    Mrs Biker Take: Been a Kings fan since 1985 I’ve seen a lot of ups and a lot of downs. I have to say is Marvin grow up you’re a young man you’re in the NBA you need to walk away from daddy and quit letting daddy making your decisions for yourself . You can’t even answer anyone’s like a...
  11. Jkbiker

    Welcome Tyrese Haliburton

    Wife Pamm went nuts over Elf Nike pic (huge Elf fan) Way to go Tyrese!
  12. Jkbiker

    Kings re-signing Metu, 2-way

    Makes me very happy Meto signed the other 2way slot Gives us some depth at the C position if we have injuries or if there is a Holmes Trade Plus spotrac shows he could be a RFA with a 1.5 M QO offer at the end of the year Welcome back Meto!!
  13. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    Frank the tank got claimed off waivers by the Suns
  14. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    Well after getting a 3 yr 5.2 mil contract, Playing well in pre-season, then getting cut I am sure he is hoping for a team to pick him up off waivers If not, I doubt he signs a el cheapo 2-way contract for peanuts He would then probably try for a spot overseas Notes from practice indicate...
  15. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    Still no news on Meto, Frank looking at overseas, Regular roster seems full I hope they can sign Meto to our second two-way slot If Kings cant , then what other C's, any other Camp cuts might be worth a look? Jon Teske got released?
  16. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    Luke said after Frank got cut he thought the roster was set? So maybe one player is to be converted to our second two way slot? Maybe Meto.
  17. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    Meto has 3 yr contract but small guarantees can we cut him then sign him to our second two way slot? If no two way would rather cut Frank than meto then either Gb3 or James
  18. Jkbiker

    Who gets Cut?

    17 on roster two needs to get cut by Monday deadline non-guar or small guar GR3,kaminski,Metu 1.5 1 year range James,Woodard,Jeffries Ramsey 2.5 guar 2yrs so which two goes?
  19. Jkbiker

    [Game] Preseason Game 3: Kings vs. Warriors, 12/15/2020, 7PM PST, 10PM EST

    It looks like Guy has a 2 year two-way, but at end of this season we can make 1.6M Qualifying offer with Restricted Early Bird Rights? Ramsey has 2 years Guar at 2.5M total If Cojo is traded or at end of this season maybe will have both to battle for minutes behind fox