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  1. D-Mass

    California Classic - Tuesday, July 3 - looking for tix

    Does anyone have some tickets for July 3 in the lower bowl they'd like to part with? Thanks!
  2. D-Mass

    Boogie Says Goodbye (merged)

    Tough to watch... Carmichael Dave Verified account ‏@CarmichaelDave My friend got transferred to another city because of his job. He had some things to say. Rough to watch.
  3. D-Mass

    Season Ticket Price Increases?

    My tix (center court, upper part of the lower bowl) went up about 8%. Like John Galt, I've got to check with my ticket partner to see if we're still in. It's a really tough decision as reselling tix this year has been difficult at times. We may actually team up with a STH near us to split one...
  4. D-Mass

    Front office disconnect

    I am 100% with you on this.
  5. D-Mass

    Official PDA live radio thread

    I missed this part earlier and still haven't (won't?) listen to the interview. Did he really respond that way to #7?? If so, I'm PISSED OFF. My ticket partner and I were SO excited to get season tickets after the team was saved. Her parents had season tickets back in the day and we couldn't...
  6. D-Mass

    Questions for PDA

    This fan base has endured wasted season after wasted season and a never ending coaching carousel. Were you fully aware of this history before making your recent decisions?
  7. D-Mass

    Questions for PDA

    STH renewals are due in January. What is your plan in the next month to reassure your STH's that this organization is stable, seeking a long-term coach, and concerned about retaining and building around current talent?
  8. D-Mass

    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    I'm interested, but super skeptical. If I hear any more "trust us, there's a plan, Corbin is our guy right now, etc." I'll completely freak out. I just can't take that kind of fluff anymore.
  9. D-Mass

    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    She must have deleted the tweet...saw it just a little while ago. She asked him if he would come on Grant's show on Monday or Tuesday.
  10. D-Mass

    PDA reaches out to Carmichael Dave on Twitter

    Jodi Bacon has reached out to him on behalf of Grant, too.
  11. D-Mass

    Corbin already signed for remainder of year?

    This sure smells of a Corbin-to-Mullin transition in the offseason. Terrible.
  12. D-Mass

    Corbin already signed for remainder of year?

    I don't know what to say. This is unbelievable.
  13. D-Mass

    [Grades] Grades v. Warriors 12/22/2014

    This is starting to make me ill...
  14. D-Mass

    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    Great piece written by Ailene Voisin on the no-brainer hire of George Karl:
  15. D-Mass

    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    Wondered if that might be the case... thanks, Mike!
  16. D-Mass

    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    Purposeful leaks to test social media?
  17. D-Mass

    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    Yeah... to me, this is the strangest of all possible outcomes.
  18. D-Mass

    George Karl, Mark Jackson or ??? (merged)

    #HereWeKarl is going off on Twitter right now. Who knows...maybe our fan base will help salvage this situation by leveraging social media. It's happened before...
  19. D-Mass

    Malone fired

    You're right on...I'm in the same spot you are. Hard to justify continuing to pour money into this. There's been a fair amount of STH chatter on Twitter about this very subject and it seems as though there are a lot of people talking about bailing at the end of the season. This was an incredibly...
  20. D-Mass

    Malone fired I said earlier in this thread, it feels like I've been kicked in the gut. They don't seem to understand that the LAST thing Kings fans want is to return to the carousel of coaches. I value stability and a clear direction SO much more than I did previously.