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  1. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 1/15/21 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    It is especially dumb because he's not even giving us the best chance to win on any given night (pulling Whiteside for Metu, playing CoJo when he's trash etc). He's both sabotaging games and hindering development of our young guys. Luke Walton, everybody.
  2. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings vs. Raptors, 1/8/2021 7pm PST, 10pm EST

    Buddy adding weight did not help matters. He is not a physical player, it wasn't needed. He's always been better served being lighter and moving better. Of course Walton is not helping matters but Buddy looks worse than ever. Hope he can turn it around so we can get something decent for him, as...
  3. Dime Dropper

    Tyrese Haliburton

    And this is EXACTLY why you draft based on talent, not need. Hopefully that debate doesn't even exist before the next draft, because it sure as s**t was a hot topic before the last one. You don't pass on a greater talent to get a "better fit".
  4. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    This offense is absolutely painful to watch without Fox/Hali.
  5. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    God, I absolutely hate when Buddy has the ball in his hands and has to create. Walton needs to stop making that happens, because it often looks like it's by design, which just makes no sense.
  6. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings vs Rockets, 1/2/2021, 2PM PST, 5PM EST

    Ugly so far. Unforced TOs, no defense. Still early, but not optimistic we can stay competitive unless we improve quickly.
  7. Dime Dropper

    RIP former Kings head coach Paul Westphal

    Very sad news. RIP Coach.
  8. Dime Dropper

    Welcome Tyrese Haliburton

    He looks great so far. I'm not ready to put a ceiling on him yet, either. Kids who can do as many things as well as him, are not too common. His overall defence in particular looks much better than I expected right out the gate. He is quick laterally, very long, good fundamentals, challenges...
  9. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets, 12/23/2020 6PM PST, 9PM EST

    Barnes was huge down the stretch. Buddy made up for his TOs. Loved what I saw from Hali all things considered.
  10. Dime Dropper

    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets, 12/23/2020 6PM PST, 9PM EST

    Heeere we goo! Kangz snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Special shout out to the Buddy special, the ol' predictable timely TOs in the 4th, and not forgetting the reliable Luke "asking to be fired" Walton for putting him in that position. Things may change in the world, but they don't...
  11. Dime Dropper

    Multiple Kings players test Positive for COVID-19!

    Nobody in their rightful mind would, or should, intentionally catch Covid. It doesn't matter that they would probably be fine, nobody really knows the long term effects of having it. And there are plenty of young, fit people who have had complications or worse from it.
  12. Dime Dropper

    WHITESIDE! (Lol, 1yr/min deal)

    I'd be very surprised if @burekijogurt wasn't being wholly sarcastic with that comment.
  13. Dime Dropper

    Frank the Tank!

    I remember Baja really liked Kaminsky back in college. He's solid, the type of player who could have a career year with enough minutes, and again could easily be a nice add-on in a Buddy trade for a team looking to make a push. What I like about these one-year acquisitions, is that you really...
  14. Dime Dropper

    WHITESIDE! (Lol, 1yr/min deal)

    I'm as shocked as you are that he signed for the minimum. I thought he'd get a lot more than that. In terms of sheer production to salary, that might be the best value contract in the entire league.
  15. Dime Dropper

    WHITESIDE! (Lol, 1yr/min deal)

    I'm OK with it. I know he's seen as an empty stats kind of guy, but he's actually highly productive, so my only worry is that he will lead to a few unnecessary wins. He's effective when he's on the floor. Hopefully the intention is to flip him at the deadline (possibly along with Buddy), to a...
  16. Dime Dropper

    Buddy Hield CANNOT start.

    I am not a fan of his antics, but he needs to start so he can build up some trade value and we can ship him out. I've had enough of his BS too, but if he can keep his foot out of his mouth for a few months then we can get something of value for him.
  17. Dime Dropper

    Current Kings roster and holes to fill

    Where did you read this? Not doubting you. Just curious the source.
  18. Dime Dropper

    Woj: Kings let Bogi go

    Bravo, sir.
  19. Dime Dropper

    Woj: Kings let Bogi go

    This was the likely move over the last couple of days. I would have liked to get something for Bogi but I can understand the risk of matching and then having a minutes crunch and devaluing both Bogi and Buddy while taking away minutes for Tyrese. So I am fine with the decision and trust McNair...
  20. Dime Dropper

    Poll: should the Kings match the offer for Bogi?

    It's not looking likely we match at this point. It looks like the plan is to showcase Buddy and hopefully deal him into the season when his value is higher and teams are looking to make a push. I'm OK with whatever happens. I trust that if we match on Bogi, the intention is to deal him too at...