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  1. 63royals

    Buddy Hield CANNOT start.

    Until Haliburton proves himself, Buddy is the starter. If Haliburton is as good as advertised, he and Fox can start later in the season, and Buddy would be devastating as the leader of the second unit. Volume scorer, and his deficiencies in other areas wouldn't be as glaring.
  2. 63royals

    Monte McNair Introductory Press Conference, Weds. Sept. 23, 11:30 AM PT

    No way Doc would take the Kings job.
  3. 63royals

    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    Thanks - made it visible yesterday.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    My birthday was yesterday. As Bill and Ted would say, "69 dude!". The Rochester Royals won the franchise's only championship in April 1951. They won the west by beating the (Fort Wayne) Pistons and then the (Minneapolis) Lakers. They won the first 3 games against the Knicks but the Knicks won...
  5. 63royals

    What are your other favorite pro teams?

    English soccer starts this weekend. My team, Fulham, having won the promotion playoffs, is back in the Prem and I'm looking forward to seeing them on TV on a regular basis. Like the Kings, they're not a big time team. They have had a number of American players in recent years. Brian McBride was...
  6. 63royals

    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    So sorry to hear this. I had Georgetown season tickets for the first 2 years of the Patrick Ewing era before moving to Sacramento. The defense his teams played was awesome.
  7. 63royals

    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Tips on Watching the Super Bowl from a guy who's seen every one of 'em First of all, the loudest possible shout-out to Lynch, Shanahan, and everyone else off the field for the fastest ever outhouse-to-the-penthouse in history. I've seen the Super Bowl every way you can. If you're going to be...
  8. 63royals

    Sean Cunningham on Marvin Bagley

    It's unfortunate such extreme measures are necessary. We all know if someone were to dare to suggest that Bagley might be able to play basketball, then the usual group will come in and call us poopyheads. If someone says the same thing 500 times in a row, it no longer matters what age they are...
  9. 63royals

    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Exactly - with me, it usually isn't clear.
  10. 63royals

    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    I heard that Viking ships are sailing into SF Bay for some reason. ...
  11. 63royals

    NFL SuperBowl LIV - 2/2/2020

    Right - Foles is on a different team so apparently I-forget-his-name is just like that.
  12. 63royals

    The ONE AND ONLY Luka Doncic discussion thread

    Sometimes I'm just amazed by the logic. If I understand this correctly, the Kings aren't playing well and so if Bagley's dad says something obnoxious we should all think of new ways to ridicule him. I realize that can be tremendous fun; I just don't understand how that has anything to do with...
  13. 63royals

    Christmas movies

    Thanks for a great and will reasoned response. If I wasn't allergic to Will Farrell, I might have seen the movie and have something to add. Actually, my greatest problem with saying something responsive is that my wife and I have another blockbuster going on, but we're the only 2 who have seen...
  14. 63royals

    Christmas movies

    Unfortunately I voted before realizing that I left my glasses in the other room. I'd thought it was a list of reasons why we didn't get what we wanted for Christmas, so I voted "None of the above" since I'm happy with this year's haul. Obviously that affects the poll results, particularly if I'm...
  15. 63royals

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (DEC)

    Absolutely over the top. The main problem is that for years, the league has been perfectly OK with the idea that fans can say anything they want because they're customers, but players can't respond in any normal human way because they're not. THAT'S what the problem is; not IT. It's not...
  16. 63royals

    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker (WARNING: may contain BOXED spoilers}

    My take on that is that in cartoons, the bad guys are nothing but targets. When you make a cartoon with real people, how much does it matter what the target's family will think when they find out that Mr/Ms Target is dead? Doesn't even fit in the plot - a minor detail to be glossed over amid all...
  17. 63royals

    Kawhi to Clippers

    New concept! If you act humble but pay someone to be a jerk for you, then you're not a jerk. I never thought of that one before - you learn something every day.
  18. 63royals


    The other approach is why bother fine-tuning the potatoes when you have lots of gravy.
  19. 63royals

    [Game] Kings v. Rockets - Monday, Dec. 23 - 7PT/10ET

    Tonight is my first time at G1C this season, so I'm really looking forward to it. I'm in a season ticket group, so I get 8 games a year. I had tickets for the Portland game on 10/25 but was unable to be there, so I had to eat the tickets. The only reason this is worth mentioning is because I'm...
  20. 63royals

    Kawhi to Clippers

    Exactly true, but since this dangerous idea would completely mess up the internet (<-deliberate cluelessness) your objection is overruled for no logical reason, and if you have a problem with that, we have videos that will drive you insane. If that's not clear, I don't know what is.