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  1. datamanwes

    Smart Like A Fox: De’Aaron Is Here To Stay (Interview with Carmichael Dave)

    Fox is the kind of player that Sacramento needs. He will be a big reason when Sacramento eventually turns the corner
  2. datamanwes

    Finally A competent front office

    I have been a Kings fan since they moved here. Lots of years ago. I was especially excited when the Kings started getting good after we got Geoff Petrie here. I wasnt sure about moving Richmond for Webber to be honest but it did not take me long to see how well he built a great team with vlade...
  3. datamanwes

    Rate the draft!

    I am very happy tonight. Good pics all three of them could be great players but a couple of them are two of the best interviews and smart players
  4. datamanwes

    Welcome Tyrese Haliburton

    wow, Kings got very fortunate here. Better than i could have imagined Welcome to Sacramento Tyrese. To get a pick like him at number 12 is GREAT
  5. datamanwes

    REPORT: Bogdan Bogdanovic in S&T to Bucks

    I am very happy to get The Big Ragu on our team. I think he will be a crowd favorite and he has a great feel for the game. I also am happy to get DJ Wilson. I hope his energy and abilities will also help the Kings roster.
  6. datamanwes

    Your top three choices with the Kings #12 pick

    1. Devin Vassell 2. Saddiq Bey 3. Kira Lewis I would love to see Obi Toppen but I dont think he will be there at 12
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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    i hope we pick a GM that does things the right way and does not take a shortcut to the playoffs. We want to have a winning team not make the playoffs once every 15 years
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    Marquese Chriss?

    yes. I think we should try and sign Chriss. he couldn't hurt
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    I have been coming to this site since 2006. Been a Kings fan since they moved here. I am here everyday. I havent posted since I had multiple heart attacks in early Sept. But I read the site every day. Merry Christmas everyone
  10. datamanwes

    Future of Vlade

    Making judgements before the game is over or even the off season is a rush to judgement. I may agree with you if nothing is happens by the start of the season but not now
  11. datamanwes

    Future of Vlade

    This post is a rush to judgement about this offseason
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    HARRY GILES (merged)

    Harry Giles is now my favorite Sacramento Kings player, Finally good to have a favorite
  13. datamanwes

    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    If we get Zach, Marv and Giles all in the same off season. This will be talked about for years as the turning point of this franchise
  14. datamanwes

    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    If your the Kings. You want players young and athletic to come here. I don't see why everyone is so up in arms over this. Talent is what it takes to win in this league. Who cares how much money you have in cap space if you can't sign anyone. We are building a team that wants to run, run, run and...
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    HARRY GILES (merged)

    It's been a long time since I wanted to see a guy do good and then he did better than I expected. Love this kids heart and fire and desire. Funny thing Is I could be talking about either Giles or Bagley. This year is going to be fun. If you don't like these two kids, It's time for you to jump on...
  16. datamanwes

    The Saga of DeMarcus Cousins

    I was a Cousins fan when he was here. When he left I realized that this team needed to get rid of him or we would never make it past the first round of the playoffs. In retrospect the Kings won the trade with the Pelicans, We got Buddy, Giles, JJ and we would have lost our first round pick if he...
  17. datamanwes

    Demand ESPN release 30 for 30 Down in the Valley-Petition

    I didn't mean to start anything. For my own selfish reasons I would love to see this. I waited for so long and then for the film to be pulled no matter what the reason. If anyone has a copy. I would love to see it. So I guess I will put that out there thanks all
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    Who should be the Kings Starting Small Forward?

    Shumpert, Let's see what he can do now, At least in pre season
  19. datamanwes

    UPDATE: Bulls match offer sheet for Zach LaVine (NEW Poll)

    If we signed Zach Lavine. I would be happy as heck. This team needs young talent and Zach is talented. As far as I am concerned we can trade all the vets away at this point and let the strongest survive. As long as we don't sign someone to stupid money
  20. datamanwes

    Trade proposal of the century (split)

    If I was Vivek and you were Vlade and you brought me this deal. I would say to you Congratulation on looking for a new job, YOU're fired