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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Swipa also looks like he’s 10
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    Free Agency

    He looks like the next Draymond Green because he got to play with Klay and Steph on a championship level team.
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    Jabari Opted In

    The 2020 Knicks approach
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    Kings hire Rex Kalamian as Assistant Coach

    While his son doesn’t have basketball expertise, let’s not make it sound like he brought on some college kid to make decision. His son is 36 yo graduated from Columbia and is hedgefund managing partner
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    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    RiP Alex Trebek. 2020 strikes again.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (TDOS)

    The finals is on abc, not cable network so it makes sense they it wouldn’t be on there
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    Hello from the other side...

    Glad you guys finally got some rain. I don’t know if I’ll be glad to see the thunder and lightning since our recent fire around Vacaville was supposedly started due to lightning
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    [Shams] The Sacramento Kings are hiring Houston Rockets assistant GM Monte McNair as new head of basketball operations, sources tell me and @sam_amick

    I’m not sure why PDA is look at as an analytic guy. The guy is a lawyer by trade. He’s more of salary cap expert guy than really anything else.
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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    I think the situation is in flux in Houston so if next year does not go well, then Morey may not be there anymore and McNair may just be reading the tea leaf and making the leap first. Also, Gupta and McNair work together in Houston so they already know each other.
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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    My dream scenario would be Gupta as the main guy and Petrie would serve as advisor like Jerry West to help with talent identification
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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    I thought he was a long shot. He has a good situation in New Orlean right now
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    Would Warriors trade No. 2 pick for Kings' Marvin Bagley? Could make sense

    Reddish reminds me of Skal. Highly rated coming out of high school and has all the physical tool and talent but not sure if they will put it together
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    Who would you hire as the new Kings GM?

    I would want the new GM to be more of Tier system. A guy like sachin Gupta would be great for negotiation and overall vision then add someone like Geof Petrie in the role of Jerry West to help identify talent and thirdly someone like Scott Perry or Dumars with their connection in the league to...
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    Who would you hire as the new Kings GM?

    He’s the architect behind the Kings and Sixers trade. He was also a special advisor to Morey in Houston. He would be a great addition.
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    [The Athletic] Dumars has no interest in being the long-term head of basketball operations, and will not be a candidate in the search.

    My guess would be her connection with the real estate market. Her husband is a real estate mogul that build a lot of midtown shopping and apartment complex. I am sure through that connection was use in negotiation of DOCO and probably why she is around even after Maloof left
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    Joe Dumars?

    I thought he did pretty well with Memphis team that year after he took over for Dave Joerger. He was well regarded in Miami when he was an assistant coach. I'd be happy with Becky Hammon or Ime Udoka too. Basically if we can poach anything from San Antonio or Miami, i'd be happy.
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    Joe Dumars?

    I'd be happy if they bring in Kenny Atkinson and David Fizdale for an interview. Both got shafted and both are strong with developing young talents
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    ESPN Suspends Wojnarowski

    he only came over to ESPN in 2017. He was doing quite well at yahoo prior.
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    Kings Practice Shut Down

    Sorry, i disagree. This thing IS a lot bigger than it really is. I am not a statistician or epidemiologist and I can't speak on the rest of the country. I CAN however speak on what is happening in Sacramento at my own facility and to an extent the three main regional hospital in Sacramento. I am...
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    General Grant Napear termination discussion

    He should have been let go in 2013 with the whole Maloof debacle when he was defending them up until the final sale slip. While, I don't think this current issue warrant him being let go, it doesn't bother me. Never like the guy much so it will be nice to have some new blood.