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  1. rosa u podne

    REPORT: Bogdan Bogdanovic in S&T to Bucks

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    [The Athletic] Kings request permission to interview candidates for head of basketball operations

    Denver Nuggets are the model Kings should follow. They drafted well, made some mistakes, but kept the direction. They were patient, and it paid off.
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    If the Draft Were Today...

    I am not sure Philly would accept Bjelica, because of how their last contract negotiations ended up.
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    2020 Shelter in Place Alphabet Movie Draft - BONUS ROUNDS

    I love this movie! The final scene also explains all the support and popularity demagogs enjoy nowadays.
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    [2020] Gone But Not Forgotten

    Sad :( I liked his team, and I loved his approach to the basketball game. Time flies, now I am feeling even older.
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    All-Time Sacramento Kings team

    It was not only The Kings he made better. He made better every incarnation of every team he played for.
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    There is no topic

    Incredible! The driver is a pathologic gambler, it seems.
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    All-Time Sacramento Kings team

    It depends on the criteria. Vlade played 16 years in the NBA and missed PO once. He is in HOF, one of seven players achieved crazy stats in four or five categories (scoring, rebounding, assists, blocks I think). Vlade was starter till the last season of his career. He was all-star, played NBA...
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    All-Time Sacramento Kings team

    Vlade Divac over DMC. Shoot me. Also DC over KM.
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    TDDS - 2020 Shelter-in-Place on a Desert Island Music Draft - BONUS 5

    I have so many great memories related to that album! Ah, youth!
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    Sorry, I worked as a code reviewer, the old reflex :)
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    No need for incrementing the counter, it is forever loop even without it. How about: n = current_season - rookie_season + 1 for i in range(n): print("Bagley didn't look like a future star his %d season" %i)
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    [Game] Kings v. Sixers- Thursday, March 5 - 7PT/10ET

    So basically, LW helped the Kings even when he was playing for Lakers. That must be the reason Vlade signed him.
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    What could the future (rest of this season) hold for the Kings?

    The Kings have to put Len on Zion against Pels. Also, they have to stay focused and fight the whole game. They can't allow being distracted from playing five against eight.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    Wolves just got their revenge on Butler.
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    Kings Identity Last 13 games

    Mostly outside shooting. Based on these statistics, It looks like Holmes is missing more on offense than defense.
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    [Game] Kings at Clippers, Saturday Feb. 22, 12:30 PM PT/3:30 PM ET

    When KL pushes from the back, it is never foul. New rule.
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    [Game] Kings at Bucks, Monday Feb. 10, 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

    Kings were without Holms, who elevates the King's defense to another level and is the most consistent contributor to the offense. All 3 teams you mentioned are still winning teams without the missing players. Bucks are now 5:0 without Giannis. So, with or without their stars all of them are good...
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    [Game] Kings at Bucks, Monday Feb. 10, 5 PM PT/8 PM ET

    ... and blocked Giannis.